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  • Your Questions about Makeup Primers Answered

    Your Questions about Makeup Primers Answered

    When thinking about must-have makeup products, primer occupies the first place. It gives longevity to your makeup and provides a gorgeous touch to your skin. However, not all women dare to try this product, as there are numerous questions bothering them.To help you fight against your fear, we will provide you with the answers to […]

  • Makeup Hacks To Keep Eyeliner In Place All Day Long

    Makeup Hacks To Keep Eyeliner In Place All Day Long

    Eyeliner seems to be the best makeup product when it comes to adding a touch of drama to a makeup look. In fact the classiest makeup styles assume wearing eyeliner. So it is not accidental that this makeup product is very popular among beauty experts. However considering that eyeliner may run and ruin a look, […]

  • The Best Foundation for Pale Skin Tones

    The Best Foundation for Pale Skin Tones

    According to experts of the field most women think that they know how to pick the right foundation but that’s nothing but an illusion. Well, not anymore, as here we are to present a quick guide on how to choose the right foundation for pale skin tones. So read on to find out what exactly […]

  • Ombre Lip Tutorial To Make Your Lips Fuller

    Let’s admit that we all want to have kissable plump lips. In fact we can say that we tried everything from over-lining to under-lining and filling in we experimented with all kinds of techniques. Well this time we would like to present a new beauty trend offered by our beloved stylists, that is the new […]

  • Brown Eyeshadows for Every Skin Tone

    How to Find The Best Brown Eyeshadows for Every Skin Tone

    As the latest fashion events showed brown eyeshadow colors have officially marked their big comeback. From Michael Kors to Ralph Lauren, we spotted the gorgeous beauty trend at runway shows of many popular fashion names. As you know to rock a makeup trend you have to know how to adjust it to your skin color […]

  • Lip Contouring Techniques

    Lip Contouring Techniques To Stick To

    One of the most important things girls should know is the secret of having plump kissable lips. Lip contouring is a rather difficult technique and it appears to be one of the main parts of makeup routine. Of course, some girls are born having naturally beautiful lips, but many of us have to put some […]

  • How to Get Rid of Oily Eyelids for a Long-Lasting Eye Makeup

    How to Get Rid of Oily Eyelids for a Long-Lasting Eye Makeup

    In case you struggle from oily eyelids, you should be aware that you won’t achieve a perfect eye makeup without creasing. Unfortunately, there are numerous women facing this unpleasant problem, which impedes them create a striking makeup look. It’s worth mentioning that eyelids are composed of countless small oil glands, which are constantly produced no […]

  • Eyeliner for Almond Eye Shape

    The Perfect Eyeliner Looks by Eye Shape

    Applying eyeliner is one of the easy and efficient ways of defining eyes. We dare to bet that all women have various eyeliner types at their disposal. However, it’s essential to determine the shape of the eyes and then opt for the eyeliner, as the total impression depends on it. Consider that the same eyeliner […]

  • How to Enhance Lips

    How to Enhance Lips

    Ok girls let’s admit that we all want to have kissable plump lips. However not all of us were lucky enough to have naturally full lips. Of course there’s no reason to blame it all to your genetics as there are some easy beauty hacks that seem to be very promising when it comes to […]

  • Makeup Hacks for Blondes

    5 Must-Know Makeup Hacks for Blondes

    The blondes are always at the spot of attention because of numerous reasons and first of all because of their unique hair color. However, blonde-tressed women don’t have to preoccupy much about their hairstyles when there is an easy trick to go for, which is the makeup. Pairing the subtle makeup with the golden tresses, […]

  • Ways to Wear Purple Eyeshadow

    6 Pretty Ways to Wear Purple Eyeshadow

    Purple is one of the attention-grabbing eyeshadow color applied on the lids. Wearing this shade, you will show your tricky personality, achieving a cool and modern look. Compared with nude and dark shades, which are more suitable for daytime wearing, the purple shadow keeps its powerful impression both during the day and night. Opting for […]

  • Pastel Makeup This Spring

    Tips for Wearing Pastel Makeup This Spring

    Spring motivates us to replace dark makeup colors with softer and brighter versions to correspond to the season. Pastel shades are everlasting and chic. Besides, they provide a stunning look when applied on your face and eyes. Enjoy the best tips for wearing pastel makeup this spring. 1. Pastel Shades Come Back Pastel makeup looks […]