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  • Anna Trebunskaya red hair

    11 Chic Ways to Wear Red Hair like Celebs

    Almost all women are fond of experimenting with various hairstyles and hair colors, creating their unique and bewitching look. You have probably tried wet-looking hairstyles or pixie and ponytails. However, there is something new in the hair trend, worth trying: the red hair color. Have a look at the celebrities and you will see that […]

  • Kim Kardashian

    50 Bleach Blonde Hair Ideas from Celebrities

    Blonde-haired celebrities have always been evoking envy and admiration with their eye-catching hair tone. In this post, we have collected 50 bleach blonde hair ideas from celebrities, which become our source of inspiration for looking fresh and stylish. 1. Kim Kardashian rocks a splendid lob hairstyle with her bleach blonde hair. She leaves her hair […]

  • Dyeing Your Hair with Beets? It's Possible

    Dyeing Your Hair with Beets? It’s Possible!

    Beets are among the tasty vegetables, which may be used to prepare fantastic smoothies. Probably, you have never considered its beauty uses. You may easily apply beets as an amazing hair dye, making it become red without the need of using dangerous chemicals. To be convinced in its truth, you may taste beets on the […]

  • Wear Rainbow Hair To The Street

    18 Ways to Wear Rainbow Hair To The Street

    We are super excited to officially announce that rainbow hair is very ”in” this season! So if you were thinking about giving it a try it’s the best time for you to do so! Now check out some super cool ways to wear rainbow hair and get inspired to create your own signature look! Green […]

  • Pink Hair Highlights from Instagram

    Pink Hair Highlights from Instagram

    Pink hair color is one of the trends of this season. However, not everyone dares to dye her hair in this shade and opts for a chalk or reach for extensions. Rachel McAdams may be a great inspiration for women with her pink-toned highlights added to the blonde tresses. The pink hair pieces add extra […]

  • Lovely Pastel Hair Ideas for Spring

    10 Lovely Pastel Hair Ideas for Spring

    Spring is the best time to follow new and modern ideas when dying your hair. Going for changes is the best thing you may do in spring to refresh your cold winter looks. Besides changing the length of your hair, you may experiment with various hair colors to correspond the shades of spring. You also […]

  • Finding The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

    Finding The Best Hair Color For Your Skin Tone

    They say when women change their hair color they try to express their need for a change in their life. Well, we partially agree. Sometimes we just like experimenting with new hair colors. Also there are times when we just spot a color on our favorite celeb or a friend and feel inspired to go […]

  • Red Hairstyles to Wear In 2015

    15 Red Hairstyles to Wear In 2015

    Red is considered the trendiest color for this season! What we especially like about red hair is that it’s not just a color, but an attitude, a particular way to show your feelings. Thus from soft auburn hues to statement-making vibrant reds, check out our list of the trendiest red hairstyles for 2015! 1.  Red […]

  • Dip-Dye Hairstyles

    50 Dip-Dye Hairstyles to Copy from Stars

    Dip-dye hair is again in trend this season. You are mistaken if you consider them boring and dull. To inspire you, we present 50 dip-dye hairstyles to copy from stars. 1.  Emily Blunt chooses a dip-dye hairstyle to team with her red gown in lace. She rocks a loose hairstyle with tousled waves when attending […]

  • Runway Approved Fall 2015 Hair Colors

    10 Runway Approved Fall 2015 Hair Colors To Give a Try

    From rich reds to alluring browns and eye-catching blondes, check out the list of the best fall 2015 hair color trends spotted on the runway at various shows! Be the first to embrace the best hair color trends right now, without having to wait for fall! Strawberry Blonde Strawberry blonde is ”the color” for fall […]

  • Multi Colored Hairstyles

    50 Multi Colored Hairstyles to Brighten Up Your Looks

    Ladies, it’s time to brighten up your look, experimenting with multi colored hairstyles. If you dare to wear bright-toned hairstyles, these celebrities may be your guide with their stunning and eye-catching hair colors. 1.  Lily Allen is fond of wearing multi colored hairstyles. She sports purple and bright orange shades together on her hair for […]

  • How to Choose the Perfect Hair Dye for You

    How to Choose the Perfect Hair Dye for You

    Ok girls let’s face it, choosing the right hair dye is one of the hardest tasks for a woman. As you know there are so many options available out there that we can hardly concentrate on one. In fact usually we don’t even know what we’re actually looking for and that makes the whole process […]