Agent Provocateur Soiree Collection

Attention to all you ladies, leave behind whatever you’re doing because it’s time for Agent Provocateur again. So get ready to be dazed – as usual, huh?! First check out the new Agent Provocateur Soiree Collection!
As always, AP is before us with glamorous, sexy, erotic and provocative set of lingerie, that will blow your mind. I do know it’s difficult for most of us to afford a $500 bra, but to save up for an AP item- is absolutely worth it.

With a motto “Sexy never takes a day off” AP’s this collection is additioned with the last one of the fall- and I have to say it’s pretty amazing: form Zsa Zsa (leavers lace and copper Swarovski crystals) with designs from screen icons, burlesque and Vegas showgirl costumes to erotic Crawford.
And, not strangely we have more. Featuring in this collection the Laureen- basically representing a Soiree in the Xanthe playsuit and the strappy Constance ensemble with chains tied by soft knit straps. Another, far more amazing and sexy style, you get is the Gardinia-the gold lace corset and skirt set in black and wet-look satin that will blow your mind.

Photos courtesy of Agent Provocateur