You Can Now Get a Fashion Law Degree

Yes it’s true! We are speaking about the world’s first degree in fashion law that has been just officially announced! The thing is that starting with this autumn the Fordham Law School which by the way is a New York-based institute, will provided the needed courses for the degree. Finally our dreams will come true! An officially recognized degree in Fashion Law!

You Can Now Get a Fashion Law Degree

Of course it should be mentioned that there was a course of Fashion Law in the institute held since 2010 due to Professor Susan Scafidi, who also appears to be the director of the school’s Fashion Law Institute. The part-financier is Diane von Furstenberg. Speaking about the idea of coming up with such educational program professor Scafidi stated: “There are plenty of big law firms in the city that hire lawyers who have knowledge in the background of fashion. Why wouldn’t they hire lawyers who are actually trained in the field of fashion?”
Indeed why not trust a real professional of the field anyways?

Diane von Furstenberg, on the other side, as one of the team members who made the creation of the program a reality adds that she “firmly believes this program will become a powerful tool in the fashion world and beyond, and help us all as an industry-lawyers or not-better understand, grow, and protect our businesses.”

Of course we are not just speaking about the official announcement of the program but we’re actually stating that the representatives will be calling for applicants this autumn 2015 as the program has been approved bythe American Bar Association! This means that the new semester will come with new students who will be mastering their skills in fashion law. It should be noted that the program is set to include the following two different degrees: a Master of Studies in Law, especially created for professionals interested particularly in fashion law, and a Master’s of Law, in Fashion Law for students who already have got their J.D. law degree and will to continue their studies. The studying program will include subjects such as fashion financing, fashion modeling law, fashion licensing and sustainability.Also it is important to mention that the mentioned programs are available both: part-time and full-time.

Speaking of the whole process of the creation of the program Scafidi admitted that it was a hard work that took a long time to be done, about five years: “The challenges were bureaucratic. Trying to convince the American Bar Association and the State of New York to give the green light to degrees in a field they’d never heard of was a challenge.”

Well, after all today we finally got to the point where we can happilyannounce the big news! So it was all totally worth the stressful hard work done by the team.