Will You Have The Same Lip Shape After Lip Fillers Break Down?

The 21st century beauty standards are way too far from what we used to see in movies back in the ‘30s, ‘40s and ‘50s, and while petite women with delicate facial features used to appeal to most of the men in the past, now, it’s all about leggy legs, perfectly sculpted slim figure with sexy curves, super-long eyelashes and uber-plump lips. Even though you may appreciate your natural beauty, willy-nilly your mind gets somehow influenced by all those selfies of famous celebrities and your friends trying to imitate them and you may end up considering having lip fillers one day. One question, you may ask yourself though on the way is whether you’ll be able to get back to your natural lip shape once those lip fillers break down.

Will You Have The Same Lip Shape After Lip Fillers Break Down

We girls are always dissatisfied with our appearance, always trying to get rid of some weight on a certain area, while also dreaming of getting the ideally big pout and expressive eyes that Angelina Jolie and Megan Fox are naturally granted with. Of course, various expert makeup tips and hacks always come in handy when it comes to sculpting our faces and getting the perfect Kim-Kardashian-inspired makeup look on certain important events. But the more courageous women among us may even consider plastic surgery or some tiny “corrections” changing whatever they don’t like about their face for good.

Getting lip fillers is perhaps the most affordable (if we can say it so) and the most common cosmetic ‘surgery’ many of us opt for. Hey, even Kylie Jenner finally confirmed having used lip fillers to dramatically change her appearance! Although a small detail, the shape of the lips can change a lot about your entire appearance, and if you aren’t naturally granted with kissable plump lips, there’s always an option for you out there to get the result.

There are two types of lip fillers you can consider – permanent like Silicon 1000, and temporary that last for 6 to 9 months on average.In the former case, you never have to consider “touch-ups”, as the new fuller lip shape will stay for good, while in the latter case after a certain period of time you go back to your natural lip shape, gradually seeing the lip fillers losing their effect as months go by. The good news is that your lips will never get “dis-formed”, as the lip fillers break down, and you can always consider opting for a new session to again get back those plump lips you had months ago.

Another important aspect to take into consideration before opting for lip fillers is turning to the right specialist in order not to have problems later on. The doctor should know whether you need to get injections on the lip body or the vermillion in order to avoid a fake look later on. Besides he should massage your lips after the injections to perfectly mold the filler and prevent your lips from mishappening.

Now, that you know the answer to your question, it’s up to you to decide whether you need lip fillers or not, always keeping in mind that makeup techniques can always enhance your looks and help you get the effect you want to.