What Clothes and Shoes to Borrow from Boys

Designers continue filling women’s wardrobe with man-inspired outfits. They make innovations in women’s shoes and clothes, adding details belonging to the opposite gender and drawing parallels between the men and women. It means that we can easily do our purchase from the men’s department and change our taste and habits. However, not everything can be taken from men. In this post, we have collected the clothes and shoes to borrow from boys and look feminine.

What Clothes and Shoes to Borrow from Boys


1. Office Shirts

Basic-toned classic shirts are appropriate both for office and party wearing. You may style the boy’s shirt with a trendy suit and solid shoes or experiment with it at the weekend. Taking your guide from Blake Lively and Chrissie Teigen, you will rock this shirt type with a cute skirt for a festive look or style it as a T-shirt worn with distresses jeans and a pair if chic sandals.

2. Classic Jackets

Classic jackets are among the clothes to borrow from boys. If tailored perfectly, you may pull it off as an outerwear, layered with a cocktail gown. It’s possible to achieve an elegant look by combing the classic jacket with the head-to-toe denim ensemble. Take your inspiration from Elle Macpherson, one of the famous models, and rock this look when travelling.

3. Warm and Oversized Sweater

Though the warm sweater will fit your boyfriend ideally, you are advised to borrow it and rock in an oversized form for a trendy touch. You may enjoy cold evenings near the fireplace wearing this man-inspired sweater or just go shopping and spend your leisure time as you desire. Make sure you opt for soft fabrics and finish the elegant vibe by sporting a white collared shirt underneath.

4. Comfy Shoes

As spring has already arrived and the days have become pleasantly warmer, you may bravely create a list of shoes worth taking from boys. You are offered to borrow lace-up boots, which may be made of suede as well as leather. You may sport these comfy shoes with stylish shorts or experiment with cropped jeans for a gorgeous and polished vibe.
Thus, you are already aware of the types of clothes and shoes, worth borrowing from boys. Look exquisite and keep your feminine vibe in men’s outfits. Don’t hesitate to rush to the nearest shop or look for outfits in your boyfriend’s closet.