Weirdest Nail Polish Collection Inspired by Menstrual Blood

I honestly don’t know whether I should write this first comment before getting to the article, but I think I’ll do it anyway: I suggest that people with too much faith, and people who can’t really take something too twisted or bullshity do not read this!
I’ll tell you this- you don’t get to see, hear or read these kinds of things every day. I honestly don’t know whether it’s crazy or just twisted, however I have to say that it’s entitled as“ Weirdest”. Whether it’s weird or something else, judge it yourselves.
So, this article is about nail polish and new colors and hues and styles that were inspired by menstrual blood!

The title is “Nail Polish Collection Inspired by Menstrual Blood”. I bet you still think that I’m kidding, huh. Well, I’m not!!!
Well, representing you nail polish colors inspired by menstrual blood and bruises that made up a few autumnal nail polish shades. The world of fashion and beauty keeps getting crazier. But, I can’t decide which is crazier- this or Lady Gaga’s fragrance of semen and blood!?!?
Moving on, the nail polish collection is form Strange Beautiful selection, inspired by odd things
Jane Schub, the brand’s creator explained that she didn’t want to create the typical set of nail polish: eventually you get Menstrual Last Day, Gradations of a Bruise, Estuary Run-off, and Worn Black Bible.
In the end, you get your nails colored with semi-opaque look. In addition to craziness, the collection costs $79.
The rest I leave to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Call me old fashioned, but I think this is twisted. If the hues were named at least differently, maybe they wouldn’t have been so bad to apply once, but even the colors aren’t to liking. Sorry, for expressing my opinion, but I just wrote a whole article about it, and just couldn’t help myself. So, I’m not here to judge, it’s all about you and if you like it, I suggest you go for it, all there’s left to say is good luck!

Photos via Bella Sugar