Weird Facts about Shoes You Might Want to Learn

No one can stay indifferent to shoes. There are several weird and odd details referring to shoes, which are worth revealing. It’s interesting to get acquainted with the meanings of wedges and know how they originated. Thus, we have collected several weird facts about shoes you might want to learn.

Weird Facts about Shoes You Might Want to Learn

1.  Sneaking is the Base of the Sneakers

The New York Times claimed that sneakers found their origin from the word ‘sneak’, as people were able to move in a furtive way sins making any noise. For a street style look, trendy sneakers will look great with a flirt skirt in tulle.

2.  Barleycorn as the Base of Shoe Sizes

To determine the sizes of shoes, King Edward II took three barleycorns, the length of which were equal to an inch, and considered this weird fact as the base of measuring shoes.

3.  High Heels were First Rocked by Men

You might want to learn that high heeled shoes didn’t recognize gender for decades. Men also pulled off heels when going for horse riding, as boots with heels were very comfortable.     

4.  American Women Own 19 Pairs of Pumps

Studies show that women in America own 19 pairs of pumps in their closet. They are quite different, from high heels to flats and shoes with straps.  

5.  Right and Left Shoes were Originated in Philadelphia

Here is another weird fact about shoes you might want to learn. In order not to cause paint to feet, there were created shoes for right and left feet and Philadelphia was responsible for this modification.  

6.  The Invention of Wedge Shoes

Salvatore Ferragamo was an Italian designer who decided to stay away from shoe steeling and went for experiments. With the help of new fabrics, he managed to invent the wedge type of shoe.  

7.  Shoes Reveal Your Attitude to Life

Shoes speak much about your personal style and express your attitude to life. They come to show your self-assurance and the level of confidence.

8.  Queen Victoria was the First Woman Wearing Boots

In 1840, the first woman who wore boots was Queen Victoria, who managed to create versatile looks. She pulled off booties with high heels and with pointed toes, becoming a source of inspiration for other women.

9.  Jimmy Choo’s First Shoes

You would probably like to learn about the weird fact that Jimmy Choo purchased her first shoes when she was in her 11s.   

10.  The Real Cost of Carrie Bradshaw’s Shoes

You might not know about the true cost of Carrie Bradshaw’s amazing shoes. The weird fact was that they were valued about $40,000.

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