How to Wear a Wig The Right Way

Wigs can always be the perfect solution for a dramatic change of the look or simply dealing with hair loss. Of course, choosing and wearing the perfect wig is one of the hardest things that a woman can face, as there are many factors to consider. However, there is no need to easily give up, as there are only few basic things about wigs that you need to know in order to make the right choice and wear the perfect wig! Already interested in? Check out our tips on how to wear a wig the right way!

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Considering that there is always a big variety suggested for the costumers choosing the right color shouldn’t be hard. However, if one is looking for an option that will help to create a look close to natural, the decision may be harder. What we suggest you to do in such case is to go for  three shades darker or lighter than your natural in order to avoid making your hair look fake.

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One of the best tricks for the perfect look is the one of making your wig look just as it’s your natural hair! How? Simply, don’t wear it exactly the way it is but work on it and create a hairstyle just as if you would with your natural hair and see the big difference!

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As most of you might know very well by now, lace-front wigs are hard to deal with. So, that is the main reason why we suggest you to avoid wearing that specific type of wigs unless you are an expert on wearing regular ones.

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Of course this refers to specific cases when the color of the wig and the color of the natural hair are the same. The reason why we suggest you to show part of your natural hair as well is simply because this can be the key to success of a natural look! Cover the Shine

Another important step that you don’t want to miss is the one of reducing the disturbing shine that wigs usually have. Thus, to do so, simply apply some powder on your wig and use your brush to disseminate it properly.

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Ok girls let’s try to not forget that wigs are made of synthetic. So, they are flammable, which means that you need to stay away from heat in order to keep both your hair and wig safe.

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Adding too much volume on the crown will do nothing more than simply emphasize the artificial look of your hair even more. So, it is definitely a good idea to avoid adding to much volume on the crown.

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