Victoria’s Secret New Bombshell Wild Flower Fragrance

Victoria’s Secret introduces a the new Bombshell Wild Flower fragrance, a perfect new scent that is fearless and untamed.

The limited editionBombshell Wild Flower eau de parfum, sister to the original Bombshell, is a spring awakening. A floral spin on the original, “Our perfumers answered the call with a fresh tangle of Desert Wildflower, Star Lotus and Wild Magnolia. It’s a windswept bouquet with a shock of Neon Rose,” says Victoria’s Secret’s description.

The eau de parfum is part of a whole collection of the fearlessly floral scent including Fragrance Mist, Velvet Body Cream, Rollerball, and Petal Scrub Smoothing Body Polish.

Shop the new Bombshell Wild Flower fragrance online and in stores at Victoria’s Secret.