Two Effective Ways of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

The risk of forgetting to clean your makeup brushes increases in case you use your hands to create your makeup. However, it doesn’t signify that you should ignore the proper cleaning of makeup brushes. Keep in your mind that your powder-based eye shadow may contain germs and bacteria, which will definitely transfer to your skin if your brush isn’t completely clean.

Clean makeup brushes will provide the right color of the product, and your skin won’t be exposed to breakouts. Cleaning brushes isn’t difficult and requires no effort and skill. You should just have at hand a baby shampoo or opt for a pro solution, designed for cleaning the brushes. Thus, here are two effective ways of cleaning makeup brushes, which are known as manual and express techniques.

Effective Ways of Cleaning Makeup Brushes

Manual Makeup Brush Cleaning

  • Add a baby shampoo (1 tablespoon) and water into the deep dish. The water should be enough in order to be able to soak the brush into it.
  • Take your brushes separately and immerse into the water. Grasp from the bottom part and go on swirling to remove the unpleasant substance from your brush bristles. Do the same process with all your brushes when washing them.
  • Add soap into the lukewarm water and immerse the makeup brush into it, waiting for 10 seconds.
  • Take the brushes from the lukewarm water and make cold water pass over them to make the brushes super clean.
  • Reach for a towel and make your brushes dry. Get rid of the extra water by pressing the brush heads with your hands. Then bring the heads of your makeup brushes to their previous forms.
  • When drying the brushes you should store them in a flat pose or hang them from head and skip leaning them on any object. In case you place them upright, you won’t be able to get rid of all the water and it will sit on the bristles, spoiling your brush. Thus, the hairs will fall down when using the brush.

Express Makeup Brush Cleaning

  • To carry out another effective way of cleaning makeup brushes, you should reach for a pro solution together with a paper towel.
  • Deeply apply the solution on the brush bristles.
  • Move the makeup brush along the paper towel and make sure there is no product on it.
  • The express method of makeup brush cleaning is ideal in case you apply your brush for numerous times and reach for various products in different shades. This method is mostly recommended for makeup artists who overuse this tool.

Make your choice among these two effective ways of cleaning makeup brushes and be able to enjoy your pure and glowy skin.