Tips for Wearing Pastel Makeup This Spring

Spring motivates us to replace dark makeup colors with softer and brighter versions to correspond to the season. Pastel shades are everlasting and chic. Besides, they provide a stunning look when applied on your face and eyes. Enjoy the best tips for wearing pastel makeup this spring.

Pastel Makeup This Spring

1. Pastel Shades Come Back

Pastel makeup looks didn’t say farewell to the runways of fashion shows spring 2015. At Altuzarra fashion show you could see models rocking a lovely pink lipstick on their lips, while Rocha models wore the pastel tones on their eyelids. There were also light pastel tones on the models’ skin.

2. Achieve a Fashionable Look

Makeup artists offer another great interpretation of wearing pastel makeup this spring. Pastel shades are teamed with lighter colors, belonging to the same palette to provide a chic and fashionable look. You may also be tricky with pastel colors and combine them with monochromatic shades for an impressive touch. Complimentary shades are also a great option to match with pastel hues for spring 2015.

3. Skip ‘Chalky’ Makeup Versions

It is well known that pastel shades contain white tones, which may give rise to an unpleasant makeup look. Women with dark complexion will look ashy. To stay away from this problem, you had better opt for mute colors or stick to warm shades like pink and peach hues.

4. Go for Skin Preparation

Before wearing a pastel makeup, you should prepare your skin beforehand, getting a faultless look. Apply foundation on your skin, which will act like a primer, as well. It will create a perfect base for your pastel makeup. The foundation will make your pastel makeup stay on your face for a long time.

5. The Right Choice of Pastel Blushes

There is a special technique of applying blushes in a pastel shade. When applying blush on your cheek apple, you had better stick to red and rose colors. To define your cheekbones, you should opt for peach toned blushes or go for orange shades. When reaching for the pastel yellow tone, you may achieve a perfect highlighter, which will emphasize your features.

6. Combine Pastels and Metallics

Metallic shades will look stunning with the combination of pastel tones, giving your makeup an outstanding look. No special rule is required to team pastel with metallic; you should just go for experiments and get the option, which is perfect for your face.

7. Get a Perfect Pastel Hue for Your Lips

Lips are your key to create a perfect impression, especially if you opt for pastel shades. Being a beginner, you had better start with the application of a lip gloss or experiment with a stain. For a full coverage, you should follow one of the essential tricks and top your lips with foundation, making the natural color of your lips become mute and the pastel-toned lipstick stand out.

8. Pay Attention to the Basics

Your skin needs to be moisturized with a special product. You should also apply rosewater spray to make your skin fresh.

9. Revive Your Complexion

Illuminating products as well as highlighters are fabulous if you want to provide your skin with glow and life. For a sunkissed touch, you may stick to the bronzer and make your skin look healthy.
Make your face look fresh and jovial by wearing pastel makeup this spring, taking these tips as your guide.