Tips for Embracing the Skirt Layering Trend

The trend of skirt layering is not new in the fashion industry. It is as popular as layering sweaters or overcoats. However, it’s a bit extraordinary to see skirts over skirts or layered with pants. Skirt layering trend comes to refresh your wardrobe in 2015 and may be described as rather imaginative and glam. Take your skirt and make your imagination work by layering it with various outfits. To look casual, play with two skirts over each other and look unconventional by combining skirts with pants. Here are the best tips for wearing the skirt layering trend for spring 2015. Take into account the tricks which should be avoided and those ones which should be strictly followed.

1. Layering Skirts with Skirts

Play with your imagination and embrace the skirt layering trend. Rich for skirts, which have various lengths and colors or go for ones made of various textures. You may embrace a subtle look or experiment with bold one by the combination of short skirts with long ones to create an attention-grasping look.
• Reach for light materials to feel comfortable and create an effortless look
• Don’t play with various colors in one outfit in order not to look bold
• Layer lovely and jovial silhouettes, which are short in size.

Skirt Layering Trend

2. Layering Dresses on Skirts

Wearing skirts under dresses is a perfect way to rock the trend. This amazing combo blends feminine and non-traditional vibes. To get it:
• Reach for maxi skirts in a sleek form
• Wear straight dresses made of bold fabrics and embellished with prints in basic shades.
• Pair skirts with flouncy types of gowns, reaching above the knee.

3. Layering Skirts on Dresses

You will embrace a cool look when layering your chic skirt with a pretty dress. The statement look will be achieved both at the daytime and at night. To create your spring ensemble:
• Opt for complementary-toned outfits to get a cohesive look
• Try skirts made of leather or denim. Make sure the skirt is stronger in texture compared with the dress.
• Pull off skirts which have side slits.

4. Layering Skirts with Pants

We can never ignore the trend of layering skirts with pants. If you are for the combo of masculine and feminine vibes, you should definitely embrace this exquisite trend.
• To be honored with a screaming look, seek for matchy-matchy pieces.
• Pay much attention to the tailoring when layering skirts and pants. Look for an infallible and faultless fit.
• For a sophisticated touch, go for asymmetrical-formed hems, which may appear with cute ruffles.

Skirt Layering Trend

Perfect Layering of Skirts

Besides all these efficient and stunning techniques of layering skirts, you should also take into account other tips to bring the layering to perfection.
• Go for print blocking with the help of sound shades to embrace a bold look
• To embrace a peplum touch, pair your short skirt with a maxi and close-fitting dress or pants

Skirt Layering Trend
• Keep the lines on the minimal base and reach for basic shades to create a polished look
• Go for apron types of skirts to make the layering simpler. These skirts will create an amazing look with numerous combos.

Skirt Layering Trend
• To add dimension to your layering, you may experiment with transparent tops.

Skirt Layering Trend

What Steps to Skip When Layering

• Never combine various styles as well as patterns and materials
• Skip mixing various slouchy outfits to skip getting an unrefined touch
• Avoid layering several items which are all tight in order skip feeling inconvenience
• Never go for extremely short and transparent outfits when embracing the skirt layering trend.
Break the standard fashion rules, and enjoy the new ways of dressing, feeling fun with the skirt layering trend.

Skirt Layering Trend