The Perfect Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Ok girls it’s been proved that the right red lipstick can do miracles when it comes to creating an attractive classy look. However the question is which red lipstick is the right one anyways? Well the secret to rocking red lips is choosing the tone of the red that works the best with your skin tone. Now to help you with that we decided to present few beauty tricks for you to find the best red lipstick for your skin tone! So take a look!

The Perfect Red Lipstick for Your Skin Tone

Red Hues for Light Skin Tones


For this complexion we suggest wine-colored reds seem to be the best option. Shades like merlot and raisin are just ideal.


Porcelain skin looks brighten up with rich cherry reds.


Cranberry colored lips look very flattering on ivory complexions. You can either go for the trendy matte effect or opt for a shiny formula for a more glamorous look.

Red Hues for Light Medium Tones

Golden Tan

This skin tone looks the best with vibrant reds. Especially if your skin has an orange hint, vibrant reds will enhance its exotic glow.

Naturally Tanned

Naturally tanned complexion that has neutral undertones looks great with rich shades such as blackberry-red. This gorgeous hue will add a touch of glamour to your look emphasizing the sunk-kissed glow of your skin.

Olive Skin Tones

Coral reds look very flattering on olive skin colors. Opt for coral reds with punchy pink undertones and shiny finish to nail the look.

Red Lips for Medium Dark Skinned Women


Caramel complexion perfectly matches with the classy rouge red. Take a look on the look shown of beloved Beyonce and get inspired to rock the style.

Darker Skin Tones


If you have mocha-colored skin then deep purple-reds will work the best for you. Wear the color with shimmery brown eye colors with a golden finish and show off a real runway look.


Stunning Lupita Nyong’o is a celeb to be inspired by when it comes to choosing the right red lipstick for chocolate skin. The start has been spotted rocking orangey red shades that perfectly complement her skin color. So if you have a cocoa-colored skin then you have to consider wearing red colors mainly with orange undertones in order to create a jaw-droppingly beautiful contrast.

Hopefully we helped you to figure out which tones of red are the right ones for your complexion! Now that you know which colors will flatter your skin tone you’re expected to rock red lips.