The Perfect Eyeliner Looks by Eye Shape

Applying eyeliner is one of the easy and efficient ways of defining eyes. We dare to bet that all women have various eyeliner types at their disposal. However, it’s essential to determine the shape of the eyes and then opt for the eyeliner, as the total impression depends on it. Consider that the same eyeliner type may be great for your friend but ugly for your sister, for instance.
Thus, we have asked makeup artists to provide us with the eyeliner types that go perfectly with various shapes of eyes. Enjoy the perfect eyeliner looks by eye shape.

1. Eyeliner for Monolid Eye Shape

Eyeliner for Monolid Eye Shape

You can definitely notice that monolid eyes are rather small in size, which makes you enlarge them by creating an artificial crease. Makeup artists recommend drawing a perfect line along your upper lash line to define your chic eye shape. To fix this problem, you should also choose eyeliner in a colorful shade. To get this look, paint a straight line, creating a cat eye makeup and stretching a bit out. You may experiment with red eyeliner to make your brown-toned eyes stand out.

2. Eyeliner for Hooded Eye Shape

Eyeliner for Hooded Eye Shape

Because of the hooded eyelids, your eyes will get a heavy look. Women, having a hooded eye shape will more likely end up with exhausted and hollow eyes. To fight against this problem, you are advised to apply eyeliner along the entire lid, creating a fabulous smoky eye makeup, inspired by the 70s. For this look, reach for a brown-toned pencil and create a slim line beneath the bottom lash line. Apply it on all your eyelid and go for blending. This trick will instantly widen your eyes. Consider that there should be no eyeliner along your waterline to skip having heavy looking eyes. You may apply mascara and make your lashes curly to make your eyes look larger.

3. Eyeliner for Almond Eye Shape

Eyeliner for Almond Eye Shape

Almond is one of the classic forms of eyes, which looks screaming with a cat eye makeup. You are advised to create flicks with two eyeliner shades, one of which is black and the other is colorful. To embrace a perfect eyeliner look, you should draw a thick line with black liner from the internal eye corner, skipping a too long line. Grasp blue eyeliner and apply it along your lower lash line, parallel to the black eyeliner, this getting an interesting vibe.

4. Eyeliner for Downturned Eye Shape

Eyeliner for Downturned Eye Shape

Cat eye makeup is a real enemy for women with downturned eye shape, as this look will make the sloping eye form stand out even more. Thus, you had better opt for a smoky eye makeup with smudges. It will instantly lift your eyes and balance the sloping shape. To create this amazing look, paint your bottom lash line with black eyeliner. Then draw a tiny flick in a straight line and go for smudging with the help of a Q-tip. Skip applying any product on the upper eyelid and instead draw eyeliner along the waterline. Don’t forget about lash curling and applying mascara, high in a waterproof formula.

5. Eyelienr for Round Eye Shape

Eyelienr for Round Eye Shape

If you seek for a perfect eyeliner look according to your round eye shape, opt for an edgy vibe, trying to make your eyes smaller. Replace the flick eyeliner with a square-formed one and embrace a fierce and an exhausting look. Opt for a curved form of eyeliner at the edge of your upper lash line, stretching to the crease. Reach for a tiny brush, and go for smudging to make your look a bit softer. Apply black eyeliner along your waterline and embellish the bottom lash line with a pink shade.
No matter whether you have a monolid eye form or the downturned eye type, you will definitely get your perfect eyeliner look according to your eye shape.