The OPI Retro Summer Collection Is Here!

Here comes the sun…little darling! The OPI Retro Summer Collection is here to take your take your manicure and pedicure on vacation from drab and dull!

The 6 nail lacquers in OPI Retro Summer collection include:

  • Flip Flops & Crop Tops:“The perfect bright pink to go with all your summer faves.”
  • SPF XXX: A orange-red so hot, it’s off the charts.
  • What’s the Double Scoop?: Rumor has it this summer-fun pink is taken…by me!
  • I’m Getting a Tan-gerine: Warm up to this a-peeling, citrusy orange.
  • Sailing & Nail-ing: A light, breezy blue to charm your first mate.
  • Towel Me About It: This flirty, sunny yellow speaks volumes on style.

You can check out the whole collection at OPI.