The Importance of Using a Lip Liner

Ok, fashion lovers as most of you might have noticed by now the tendency of wearing a lipstick is making a big comeback. While natural looks were on the top charts of the most wanted beauty trends for a while, bolder lip colors seem taking that special spot. So if you had tones of lipsticks in your makeup bag and you didn’t have any chance to wear them, it’s time to reconsider wearing any of them. Now before you rush to wear a color make sure you have another makeup product that’s necessary for a flawless look, a lip liner pencil. Wondering why it is so important to wear a lip liner pencil? Well here’s why!

The Importance of Using a Lip Liner

Lip Liner Pencil Helps to Avoid Smudging

By applying a lip liner you’ll create a barrier that won’t let your lipstick run and will help you to prevent smudging. Now as stylists claim, when it comes to choosing a lip liner what seems the most important is the color choice. The best you can do is stick with the same color as your lipstick of even a tone lighter.

It Creates a Matte Effect

Line your lips and follow filling in. Blend well using your fingers and get the so-wanted matte effect! It’s easy and it takes only couple minutes to be done. So why spend time trying to find the perfect matte lipstick? Now what we really like the idea of wearing a lip liner instead of a lipstick is the fact it barely smudges. So you’ll get guaranteed long lasting effects without putting too much effort on. How cool is that?

Helps to Create the Illusion of Having Fuller Lips

By emphasizing the shape of your lips with the help of a lip liner pencil you also create the illusion of having plumper and fuller lips. Thus apply a bit of powder or foundation on your lips with the help of a brush, line them and finish off by applying concealer around for a well-polished look.

There’s a Limited Number of Alternatives

One of the best things about lip liner pencils is that they’re not available in too many colors. This is because they can be easily paired with a lot of colors. So you won’t have to spend too much time trying to choose the right hue.

They’re Easily Fixable

Once you notice that your lip liner got dull you just need to grab a sharpener and sharpen it. In fact most of lip liners come with sharpeners. So you won’t even have to look for one especially designed for makeup products.


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