The Best Foundation for Pale Skin Tones

According to experts of the field most women think that they know how to pick the right foundation but that’s nothing but an illusion. Well, not anymore, as here we are to present a quick guide on how to choose the right foundation for pale skin tones. So read on to find out what exactly you have to do to achieve the desired results.

The Best Foundation for Pale Skin Tones

Define your Undertone

The most quick and easiest way to do that is by checking the color of your veins on your wrist. Thus if your veins appear blue or purplish then you have a cool undertone while in case of green or olive tone you definitely have a warm undertone. If your veins look kind of green-blue then your ”neutral”.

You might have heard that there are two main categories: pink and yellow shades. Yellow based products appear to be perfect for warm skin tones while pink based ones work great for cool skin tones.




If you see products at the store encoded as C, NC, N, W and NW don’t be surprised as it’s done to help you to find the right shade.

Thus, products that have C on their label are for those of you who have noticeable blue veins on their wrists. NC is for neutral colors, if your veins aren’t that blue yet you don’t notice any pink tone on your skin. N is for neutral, if veins aren’t blue or green. W is for warm with purplish or greenish veins while NW is for neutral warm with light green veins.

Know What You’re Looking for

If you’re looking for a full coverage then you should opt for heavier formulas while for more natural effects we suggest lighter ones. For warm weather tinted moisturizers are the best option to go for while concealer can be used to cover up red stains and breakouts.

Consider your Skin Type

If you have oily skin then you have to stick with ”oil-free” or ”mattifying” formulas. For better effects we suggest formulas that contain silicone as the latter is ideal for oily skin because it blends well creating a natural effect. As for powders formulas that contain silica are the best as such products come with guaranteed long-lasting effects.

For dry skin anti-aging formulas are highly-recommended. Such products are designed with hydrating formulas due to which they keep your skin well-hydrated preventing it from getting wrinkled. In this case BB creams seem to be the best option to go for.

For sensitive skin on the other hand we recommend mineral makeup as such formulas do not have any irritating ingredients that can cause side effects. Check the label to ensure it contains zinc as such products help to calm irritation.