The 2017 Fall Collection from Kendra Scott

Kendra Scott was inspired by a favorited city in the dazzling and warm new 2017 Fall Collection. “Of all the cities I’ve visited in Italy, it is Florence that stole my heart. It’s a city filled with rich history and detail, and inspiration at every turn,” says Kendra

The super chic jewelry designer introduces a new stone for fall; crushed gold mica. In a Facebook post, the designer shared the news, “Our Crushed Gold Mica captures the beauty of golden coins shimmering at the bottom of a fountain.”

The new autumn hued stone is available is several styles and show in the Willow Choker Necklace and Libbey Earrings. The Crushed Gold Mica pieces are set with gold metal and features an artful balance of masculine and feminine detail with hammered stone faceting for a statement-making accessory.

The new stone for fall, Crushed Gold Mica, is available shop now in all the new arrivals at Kendra Scott.