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  • Warm Weather Hairstyles

    10 Stylish Warm Weather Hairstyles to Give a Try

    Warm weather makes us feel the warmth of the sun rays on our bodies and the opportunity of wearing light outfits such as skirts and shorts with bare legs. You are provided with a chance of showing off your body in a trendy swimsuit and enjoying your time at the beach. Definitely, we start thinking […]

  • How to Style '70s Bangs

    How to Style ’70s Bangs

    ‘70s styles have marked their big comeback. Although the styles of that time are mainly associated with the subculture of hippies,‘70s inspired hairstyles are associated with the iconic look of beloved Farrah Fawcett. Well guess what! Now it’s the best time to rock a similar style. Well to be more specific certain elements of the […]

  • Easy Crisscross Ponytail Tutorial

    Easy Crisscross Ponytail Tutorial

    As you might have noticed already abstract hairstyles are very ”in” this season. Well among the trendiest hairstyles appears to be the jaw-dropping and super cool crisscross ponytail. Although this look seems easy-to-do it actually requires specific styling skills to be done. Of course that doesn’t mean that you have to forget about wearing the […]

  • Christina Hendricks Daily Guide to Perfect Hair

    Your Daily Guide to Perfect Hair

    To look interesting and bewitching each day, you may experiment with numerous effortless and chic hairstyles, which may be created at home. Experts share the best tips, which may be your daily guide to perfect hair. 1. Add lovely curls to your strawberry tresses and look as gorgeous as never before. Create a side section […]

  • Coolest Haircuts for 2015

    50 Of the Coolest Haircuts for 2015

    New year and new season make us seek for fresh looks and exquisite styles. It may refer not only to outfits and makeup, but to our hair, as well. We are in a constant search of interesting hairstyles, and these 50 cool haircuts for 2015 may be your great source of inspiration. 1. 2015 offers […]

  • Beach Wavy Hairstyles Alexa Chung

    20 Beach Wavy Hairstyles to Embrace this Summer

    Spring is in all its rights and soon the warm summer months will come. You long for loose and flowy hairstyles to give your look a gorgeous and springy vibe. Beachy waves are the best option to give a try, taking such celebrities as Jessica Alba and Sienna Miller as your guide. Thus, here are […]

  • Tight Curly Hairstyles

    1970s Hairstyles for Spring

    Women from the 1970s screamed with their unique beauty and outfits. They managed to keep their look super feminine by wearing long dresses and ultra-chic hairstyles, inspired from the retro style. Here are 9 1970s hairstyles for spring, which will give an updated and glamorous touch to your look. 1. Straight Hairstyles When having too […]

  • Undone Lob Hairstyle

    19 Pretty Hairstyles You Can Wear Under Your Hat

    You are already tired of your dull and uninteresting locks, hidden under the hat. It’s one of the signs you should opt for fresh and modern versions, skipping tedious and boring looks. It isn’t obligatory to have oily and untidy tresses in order to pull off a hat. You may take your inspiration from these […]

  • Fake a Tucked Hairstyle

    10 Ways to Fake a Short Haircut

    In case you are tempted with wearing short haircuts but don’t dare to reach for scissors, have a look at these ways to fake a short haircut. You are provided with the most essential and efficient tricks of turning your long locks into short ones. You may experiment both with various styles and find the […]

  • Spring-Perfect Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

    11 Spring-Perfect Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyles

    Though top knot hairstyles as well as buns are always on trend and thrill us with their chic vibe, you may get bored with them after wearing for a long time. Thus, we offer you half-up and half-down hairstyles, which will give a new touch to your look. These exquisite hairstyles will give you a […]

  • French Braided Hairstyle

    Pretty Pin up Hairstyles for Long Hair

    Long tresses look appealing when styled in a loose way. However, if you have to spend your day outdoors or in the office, it’s quite unpleasant to have your hair left loose. Fortunately, there exist great ideas of pulling off your long tresses up. If you are interested, have a look at these pretty pin […]

  • Hairstyles to Go '70s

    9 Lovely Hairstyles to Go ’70s

    The ‘70s style has again intruded into the fashion industry, making us wear it with all its grace. ‘70s hairstyles find their inspiration from the retro style, keeping their modern vibe, as well. The ‘70s inspired hairstyles come to bring the retro vibe to perfection. There are various hairstyle options to stick to, such as […]