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  • Tips for Straightening Hair Safely

    Tips for Straightening Hair Safely

    Straight hairstyles are among the hottest trends, rocked by the models and the celebrities. However, curly-tressed women find it rather difficult to make their hair super sleek. You may face numerous problems after straightening your hair; split ends become visible, your hair becomes frizzy and you may face reappearance of waves. Definitely it’s not the […]

  • Easy Ways to Hide Your Greasy Hair

    10 Easy Ways to Hide Your Greasy Hair

    You have probably faced a problem of greasy hair. To get rid of it, you will either wash your tresses each day or try to elongate the washing process, keeping your locks a bit oily. However, there are several easy ways to hide your greasy hair and provide you with glossy tresses. Here are the […]

  • Tips to Prevent Split Hair Ends

    Tips to Prevent Split Hair Ends

    Hair with split ends can be a girl’s worst nightmare. There are some factors that can affect hair and lead to having split ends. From the way you brush your hair to the amount of the hair products that you use there are many things for you to reconsider if you want to prevent split […]

  • Healthy Foods for Quick Hair Growth

    7 Healthy Foods for Quick Hair Growth

    To make hair grow back and speed up the time is not an easy task. It becomes a must to carry out several actions at the same time like caring for your hair strands, applying right products to enhance the hair growth, without forgetting about the importance of season. You have to reach for dry […]

  • How to Add Volume To Your Hair

    How to Add Volume To Your Hair

    We all dream about having long, thick hair with a lot of volume like we see on the cover of fashion magazines or on TV. However if you look up on the web you’ll see that most articles devoted to the topic include styling tips and special offers of certain hair products. Well that’s not […]

  • Dyeing Your Hair with Beets? It's Possible

    Dyeing Your Hair with Beets? It’s Possible!

    Beets are among the tasty vegetables, which may be used to prepare fantastic smoothies. Probably, you have never considered its beauty uses. You may easily apply beets as an amazing hair dye, making it become red without the need of using dangerous chemicals. To be convinced in its truth, you may taste beets on the […]

  • Styling Tousled Hair

    9 Tips for Styling Tousled Hair

    Your hair is not exposed to any pressure when styled in a tousled form, which is the main cause you look for this splendid hairstyle. You are not obliged to arrange all your hair in a tidy way and do your best to combat flyaways. Tousled hair is the opposite version of it, which means […]

  • Humidity Proof Hair Styling Tips

    9 Humidity Proof Hair Styling Tips

    Leaving behind those awful and cold winter days, we are glad to welcome lively and warm spring months. However, the weather in spring is never constant; the days may be either muggy or too rainy. It doesn’t mean you should close the doors and stay at home. To help you we have asked great experts […]

  • Curling Iron Mistakes to Quit Now

    Curling Iron Mistakes to Quit Now

    The affection you show to your curling iron has much in common with a feeling you have to your close friend even in case you have lost your contact with her. Thus, if you can’t without your styling tool, you should apply it in a proper way, which is one of the problems you may […]

  • Bad Hairstyling Habits to Quit Now

    Bad Hairstyling Habits to Quit Now

    To have gorgeous and envy-evoking tresses is one of the great wishes each woman keeps deep in her heart. It’s not surprising that you may have such bad habits of styling your hair, which will impede you get the desired screaming locks. Below, we will post several bad hairstyling habits you are definitely well aware […]

  • 7 Hair Products for Stylish Blondes

    It’s one of the disputable questions whether having blonde hair is an advantage or not. You may be blonde by nature or thanks to the hair dye, but you shouldn’t forget to provide your hair with special care. To make your blonde locks look healthy and textured, check out these 7 hair products for blondes. […]

  • Quick Fixes to Hair Mistakes

    9 Quick Fixes to Hair Mistakes

    When styling your hair, you will definitely make any mistake. It often happens that you follow certain hair styling and hair care habits, which are not safe and instead cause harm to your tresses. Asking experienced hairstylists for help, we have picked these 9 quick fixes to hair mistakes. 1.  Applying More Products In case […]