Summer Lovin’ OPI x Grease Collection

OPI is ready for summer lovin’ introducing the new OPI x Grease collection with 12 limited edition shades in nail lacquer, Infinite Shine and GelColor, plus three new special effect nail lacquers.

The 12 Limited Edition Shades of OPI x Grease are:

Rydell Forever: “cartwheels and flips over this white leather nail polish.”
Electryfyin’ Pink: “This shocking pink nail polish will knock your leather pants off!”
Grease Is the Word: “Your nails will heat up the night with this seductive black leather nail polish.”
Hopelessly Devoted to OPI: Give peach nails a chance with this trendsetting shade.
Frenchie Likes to Kiss?: “Ready for a love affair with this alluring lavender nail polish?”
Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milkshakes: “One vanilla shake, two straws make this nail polish worth sharing.”
Meet A Boy Cute As Can Be: “Dazzle your new beau with a hint of buttercup yellow nail polish”
Summer Lovin’ Having A Blast: “A dynamite orange nail polish to spark a summer romance.”
Was It All Just A Dream?: “Rise and shine! This turquoise blue nail polish is a dream come true.”
Teal Me More, Teal Me More: “OPI is going steady with this real teal blue nail polish.”
Chills Are Multiplying: “Ten reasons to coat your nails with this icy blue nail polish.”
Danny & Sandy 4 Ever!: Boy meets girl…romantic nights with this nail polish on ahead.”
Tell Me About It Stud: “This red nail polish is a summer lifesaver. Studly-Do-Right to the rescue!”
You’re the Shade That I Want: “Ooh, ooh, ooh. This hot magenta nail polish offers plenty of cool shade.”
Pink Ladies Rule the School: “This leader-of-the-pack pink nail polish makes the grade.”

The OPI x Grease collection is such a fun collaboration for the 12 limited edition shades, including three leather like lacquers. View the whole Grease collection now at OPI.

Image: Facebook/OPI