Spring 2015 Denim Shopping Guide for Trendy Girls

Forget about skinny denim, as hot summer days are the best time to give a try to new interpretations and shift from classic looks. Replace your traditional denim with patchwork items inspired by a vintage style, or go for eye-catching culottes and experiment with chapeaux. Thus, take into consideration this spring 2015 denim shopping guide for trendy girls.

1.  Patchwork Denim

Patchwork denim never leaves the runways and the streets. We may claim that this season is ideal for pulling this trend off. There are various denim outfit options with patchwork details to stick to for spring 2015. You may opt for a denim shirt from Courtesy of Equipment or go for Junya Watanable patchwork jacket and boyfriend-inspired jeans from Marc by Marc Jacobs.     

2015 Denim Shopping Guide

2.  The Denim Culottes

Chic culottes are one of the denim shopping guides for trendy girls for spring 2015. Culottes are a new interpretation of pants, which are worth rocking this season. Being made of bright-toned denim, they provide an awesome and a daunting look when teamed with right tops. Denim culottes may appear both with subtle and bold prints.  

2015 Denim Shopping Guide

3.  The New Denim Top

Denim tops scream versatility, appearing in various styles. Trendy girls should definitely enlarge their wardrobe with denim shirts or blouses and if it’s a bit chilly outside, denim jacket may be the best friend. Denim tops are exposed to great changes and innovations, thus providing you with numerous stylish collections worth appreciation. These new and fashionable tops look fabulous with a cute skirt or a pretty dress as well as chic pants and cool shorts.    

2015 Denim Shopping Guide

4.  Denim Bag in Blue

When shopping denim, don’t ignore accessories, as they are the best option to spice up your look. When speaking about denim bags, we should admit that they astound us with their great and amazing versatility. They are designed in different styles and shapes.   

2015 Denim Shopping Guide

5.  Flared Jeans

 Flared jeans are known not only for their trendy vibe but for their leg elongating feature. They are able to bring the hips to balance and will look great on any body shape. The best options to stick to when shopping flared denim for spring 2015 are ones, embellished with pockets. They are available both in a high waist and low waist styles.

2015 Denim Shopping Guide

6.  The Denim Dress

To look trendy for spring 2015, take denim dresses as your guide. It is your key to a casual and modern appearance. Make your choice from loose dresses to close-sitting ones and experiment with various colors and lengths.

2015 Denim Shopping Guide

7.  The Denim Shoes

Denim shoes are worth shopping due to their astounding and exquisite styles. They will be suitable for wearing both at a prom night and when going for a walk around the city. You are offered denim shoes both with high heels and with a flat sole. They will be fabulous when teamed with denim pants and a cute T-shirt in white. You may also layer them with a short dress in a red shade or go for other great options.

denim shoes

8.  The Denim Jacket

Spring may be your great opportunity of sporting the trend of denim jacket. Trendy girls are advised to have a denim jacket in their closet to wear on cool days. It is ethereal due to its classic vibe and may be rocked with any outfit. It is one of the items which may provide a stylish and sweet appearance.  

denim jacket

9.  The High-Waisted Spaghetti Denim Jeans

 To embrace a breathtaking look for this season, it’s a must to invest in a pair of high-waisted spaghetti denim jeans. Denim jeans with high waist are one of the most comfortable outfits, as they provide a great coverage and help you achieve a trendy vibe.

The High-Waisted Spaghetti Denim Jeans

10.  The Denim Chapeau Trend

To create a cool and thrilling look for spring 2015, take chapeau as your denim shopping guide. Experiment with various styles and rock floppy and wide-brimmed hats as well as boyfriend-inspired caps with various prints and embellishments.

The Denim Chapeau Trend

11.  The Denim Button Front Skirt

Get your inspiration from the 70s and give a try to A-line-formed skirts with buttons at the front. Spring 2015 is the denim season, offering a great variety of skirts, which promise an ultra-feminine and sophisticated look.

The Denim Button Front Skirt

When investing in a denim outfit for spring 2015, don’t forget to consider this denim shopping guide for a trendy and amazing look.