So 90s! Essie’s Fall 2017 Collection

“The new Essie fall 2017 collection embodies the rebel spirit of the 1990s with colors that range from light baby pink to saturated dark purple.” Essie says, “Thought the 90s were over? As if! As if!”

Break of the scrunchies and acid wash denim. Are chokers still a thing? Essie’s new Fall 2017 collection includes 6 new shades inspired by the 90s (colors left to right above):

Mixtaupe: “you’re totally picking up what this warm ivory with a dash of pink is putting down”
Saved By The Belle: “school’s out forever, but this light baby pink with a subtle blue undertone is totally in”
Knee-High Life: “hey, little misfit, those socks and this deep wine red with purple undertones are gonna take you higher”
As If!: “does he think this powdery periwinkle blue with a hint of red will give him the time of day? like, whatever”
Girly Grunge: “come as you are. In this soft silvery metallic with a light purple shine, you’re exactly how you want to be.”
Dressed To the Nineties: “Red carpet event? all you need are a plaid mini skirt, this dark purple with a green-blue shimmer and a rockstar attitude”

Essie’s Fall 2017 collection smells like teen spirit! View the whole collection available now at Essie.

Photo credit:@mrose.nails