Skin Care Tips to Get Rid of Acne Scars

Dealing with austere acne, you will probably face scars which refuse leaving your skin for a long time. In case you face cystic acne and you are prone to picking or go for squeezing, you will definitely notice tough scars on your skin, which is quite difficult to remove.

However, acne scars shouldn’t be your friend during the whole life. There are effective and easy treatments to get rid of the disgusting scars due to the dermatological innovations. Taking into account your scar type, you may reach for any of the options.

Skin Care Tips to Get Rid of Acne Scars

In case you find out that you deal with colorless spots, you are lucky enough, as they are considered hyper pigmentation, caused by inflammation. They are in a flat form and there is no transformation in their texture, which proves that you don’t have acne scars.

Thus, if there are acne scars on your face, you had better have a look at these skin care tips to get rid of them.

We Distinguish Three Scar Types

Dermatologists distinguish between three scar types, the hardest of which is the first one, known as icepick, deeply located in the skin. Boxcar scar is the second type and has a rectangular form. While rolling scar is considered the third one, resembling a tiny wave. You are advised to stay away from picking your acne in order not to cause scars. In case you don’t treat your acne for a long time, you will definitely face scars on your skin. If you take precautions and remove scars as quickly as possible, the problem won’t be so deep.

When dealing with any of these scar types, you shouldn’t rely on skin care products, as they don’t provide the required number of penetration. There is no necessity of collagen production to provide cell regeneration, as we need to alter the acne scar tissue.

We should also admit that products aimed for scar discoloration may not be effective for use, as they stop the raising process of the skin where the formation of the scar takes place. Instead, we have intentions to lift the scars.

The Most Efficient Acne Scar Treatments

When choosing the best treatment, you should take into account the number of scars and the degree of its depth. The dermatologists offer you any of these effective methods to get rid of the acne scars.

1.  Opt for Subcision

Subcision is one of the best treatments for acne scars. It requires going for local anesthesia, then using a needle and carrying out sweeping movements under the acne scars. The aim of this treatment is to unfasten the ties, joining the scars.     

2.  Opt for Fractional Laser

Now it’s necessary to make the scars alter and boost the production of collagen. To achieve it, you should opt for the fractional laser method. Though you will have to carry out numerous treatments, the result is quite satisfying. It is responsible for the formation of holes into your skin. Lasers will cause swelling and ruddiness to your skin, so you have to go for downtime. Consider also that laser method is not cheap and in case you can’t afford it, ask your dermatologist offer you another method. Besides treating the scars, laser fights against fine lines.     

3.  Opt for Microneedling

While you get holes in your skin with the help of a laser, microneedling creates the same holes, using slim needles. There is no need of applying heat, as this treatment may help your skin produce collagen and change the tissue of the scar. Before realizing the microneedling method, the specialists spread a special cream and then use the tool. This treatment should be carried out for a month to get fantastic results.

Though breakouts are easily treated with special skincare products, we can’t do the same with the unpleasant acne scars. After their formation, you are advised to go for the best skin care tips to get rid of them.


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