Reasons for Bad Hair Days

Do you have problems with your hair? Are they getting thinner and worse each time? Personally, I had this hair problem until I asked my hairdresser for advice. To avoid bad hair days, have a nosey at our beauty tips below!

Reasons for Bad Hair Days

1. Scalp and hair
You are advised to pay much attention both to your scalp and your hair. You had better use a moisturizing shampoo for your scalp and hair. You should also avoid using wrong brushes in order not to hurt your scalp.

2. Wrong shampoo and conditioner
You should consider that your scalp is very soft. So, buy a right shampoo and conditioner. Pay attention to their ingredients. They should contain Vitamin B5, aloe vera, as they are good both for your scalp and hair.

3. You are not conditioning your scalp
One of the reasons of having thin hair is the wrong way of conditioning. Make sure you condition both the bottom part of your hair and your scalp. After several months you will notice the great result.

4. You are not massaging your scalp
Massaging is very essential for your scalp. Massage your scalp gently each time you use a shampoo on your hair. By massaging your scalp you will be able to get rid of dead cells and oils. Besides, it is good for blood circulation.

5. Too much heat styling
Did you know that too much heat damages your scalp? Avoid using hair dryers, flat irons or other straightening tools too frequently. Don’t keep the dryer too close to your scalp and hair, as well.

6. You are letting product buildup
If you notice that your hair doesn’t grow, avoid using such products as hairspray, mousse, gel or products that give volume to your hair. Dry shampoos are also not recommendable to use, as they don’t let your scalp breath.

7. Hair dyeing damages your scalp
While dying your hair, make sure the product doesn’t touch your scalp. Otherwise, it may irritate your skin.

8. Using SPF
Your hair should also be protected from sun. In this case you are recommended to use SPF or put on a hat. If you have a fear of having oily hair, you may look for a product which doesn’t contain oil.

Reasons for Bad Hair Days