Professional Tips for When You Get a Facial

As you know facials are a must when it comes to having a healthy and luminous skin. Thanks to the mentioned beauty invention we are able to provide intensive hydration, professional exfoliation and cleanse to our skin. However there are certain things that you need to know about facials. Well that is why we’ve rounded up the top tips for a good facial experience. So check them out!

Professional Tips for When You Get a Facial

Avoid Exfoliation at Least Four Days before Getting a Facial

Facial treatments usually include exfoliating elements such as enzyme, acid peel, or other physical exfoliants. So you should avoid exfoliating your skin before getting a facial as you don’t want to irritate your skin by over-exfoliating. Also avoid using any kind of scrubs, acids and retinol products.

Turn Off your Cellphone While in Process

Ok you may find this weird but seriously your phone can be disruptive to both you and the aesthetician. To enjoy a relaxing facial treatment you need to turn off your phone and put it aside for a while. We know it’s hard but you should give it a try. Note that putting your phone on vibrate won’t really help as the vibration will also distract the physician and not allow you to relax.

Show Up Having Performed your Normal Skin-Care Routine

Some people appear showing off a perfectly clean skin while others seem to have a heavy makeup on. Well the right thing to do is show up having performed your normal skin-care routine. Only that way you’ll allow the aesthetician to assess the normal condition of your skin.

Talk About your Skin Concerns

You should have a consultation before a facial in order to inform your aesthetician about your skin concerns. Now you might have a whole list of skin issues that bother you but you need to limit it down to three. Isolate the three main skin concerns and let you aesthetician do the rest.

Show the Skin-Care Products that You’re Using

First of all it is very important for an aesthetician to know how many products you’re using for your skin. Besides, this way you’ll allow a professional to determine whether the ingredients of the products that you’re using are effective for your skin type. So once you call to get an appointment you have to also ask whether it’s necessary to bring the skin-care products that you’re currently using.

Well this was pretty much what you need to know before getting a facial. We hope you’ll enjoy a relaxing and stress-relieving facial!


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