Private Blend ‘Sole Di Positano’ From Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Collection

Designer Tom Ford has a released a new private blend fragrance from the Neroli Portofino Collection, “Sole Di Positano.” Keeping with the Italian destination theme, the fragrance reflects the sunlit vibrance from the coastal paradise.

Tom Ford Sole Di Positano fragrance is “a bright new dimension bursting with a luxurious melange of sun-drenched citrus. The delectable new scent from the Neroli Portofino Collection evokes the dream-like brilliance of the Italian Coast with succulent bite,” the designer description says.

The fragrance notes are a masterful blend of Italian bergamot, petitgrain birgarade, citrus notes of lemon and mandarin gleams along with the sharp contrast of shiso leaf.

The Tom Ford Sole Di Positano private blend fragrance is available to show now in 3 sizes: 50 ml to 250 ml.