Pretty Pin up Hairstyles for Long Hair

Long tresses look appealing when styled in a loose way. However, if you have to spend your day outdoors or in the office, it’s quite unpleasant to have your hair left loose. Fortunately, there exist great ideas of pulling off your long tresses up. If you are interested, have a look at these pretty pin up hairstyles for long hair and take your inspiration from them.

1. Braided Bun Hairstyle

Mix ponytail and braided hairstyles, getting a pretty bun. Long hair will be pulled up, opening the neck and creating a neat appearance. To get this fabulous pin up hairstyle, you should bring your tresses back, create a cute pony, and adjust it in place, using a hair tie. Plait the tail of the pony and apply another hair tie. After rolling the braid around the pony, apply bobby pins. Be careful when adjusting your long hair in place, as it may weight much.
This screaming hairstyle will give you an opportunity to spend the whole day without preoccupying about the messy vibe your long hair may get.

Braided Bun Hairstyle

2. High Top Knot Hairstyle

Compared with the stylish braided bun hairstyle, which is sported at the back of your head or is styled at the center, the top knot hairstyle is rocked high at the crown of the head. Just take your tresses up, getting a high pony hairstyle and roll them around the base in a loose way, adjusting with the help of pins.
This pin up hairstyle is an ideal version for long hair and can create a super trendy look. In case you aren’t prone to rock a cute bun, you may experiment with a high pony and make it loose, accentuating it with a cute bow. The stunning hair tie may also embellish your top knot hairstyle.

High Top Knot Hairstyle

3. French Braided Hairstyle

The tutorials of French braided hairstyles are numerous and the styling technique is quite easy. Separate your hair into three parts and go for braiding, each time grasping new hair strands from the sides. The French braided hairstyle will give you a classic and professional vibe. The choice of the outfit with your braid may give you a boho-inspired or a hippy touch. The advantage of this hairstyle is that you may get disheveled waves by letting your French braid loose.

French Braided Hairstyle

4. Quiff Hairstyle

The quiff is an ideal option to take your long tresses off the face. Create a cute bouffant with the front hair piece and let the rest of your hair loose or in a side pony. The quiff will help your hair get extra volume at the crown.
There are always hairstyles, which never date and keep their ethereal vibe. Having long hair, women have a great chance to try numerous hairstyles without reaching for extensions. Long hair is a great advantage, as you may be tricky with it. Get inspired by the prettiest pin up hairstyle for long tresses and find the best style for you.

Quiff Hairstyle