OPI Introduces New California Dreaming Collection

Introducing the new OPI California Dreaming collection that will keep you Cali-cool through summer 2017. The collection inspiration came from a California road trip down the quintessential coastline and famous locations of the golden state.

The 12 new lacquer-loving shades of the OPI California Dreaming collection are:

Time for a Napa: “It’s always the right moment for this bubbly hot coral.”
To the Mouse House We Go!: “This magic red is for kissable lips, polka dot bows and tempting apples.”
This is Not Whine Country: “The merlot the merrier I always say.”
Barking Up the Wrong Sequoia: “Finding the perfect peach is a tall order.”
Don’t Take Yosemite for Granite: “Of quartz not! Everyone appreciates this shimmering slate.”
Excuse Me, Big Sur!: “This rose may be soft, but it’s not afraid to speak up.”
Feeling Frisco: “This nude’s bound to put you in a Bayful mood.”
GPS I Love You: “I couldn’t have pinked a sweeter traveling companion.”
Malibu Pier Pressure: “This cotton candy pink has a very persuasive vibe.”
Me, Myselfie & I: “But enough about me, doesn’t this coral look good in my selfie?”
Santa Monica Beach Peach: “Go ahead and hit the beach, this punchy orange has your back.”
Sweet Carmel Sunday: “You’re always a treat in this glistening gold.”

Are you mani/pedi ready? View the whole new California Dreaming collection at OPI