Ombre Lip Tutorial To Make Your Lips Fuller

Let’s admit that we all want to have kissable plump lips. In fact we can say that we tried everything from over-lining to under-lining and filling in we experimented with all kinds of techniques. Well this time we would like to present a new beauty trend offered by our beloved stylists, that is the new trend of wearing ombre lips and this easy ombre lip tutorial to copy the look. The latter appears to be a new layering technique aimed to draw attention on the lips creating the illusion of having fuller, plumper lips.

Ombre Lip Tutorial

How to Create the Perfect Ombre Lips

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Note that the secret is on choosing perfectly complementing lipstick colors. Of course before you start working on the look you have to prep your lips in order to avoid ending up with crannied skin surface. So start by exfoliating your lips and applying moisturizing lip balm on. Use a DIY scrub to avoid any kind of side effects caused by chemical formulas. Once you’ve done that follow applying the dark tone of lipstick on the middle of your lower lip and smudge the color on your upper lip. On the next step simply apply the light color on the center of your upper lip and blot. Finish off with an eyeshadow of the same color, add a touch of blush of the same hue and enjoy wearing the new beauty trend!

Aside of the classic ombre lip coloring style there is also the outstanding ombre red lip style and we are super excited to present it! So check it out and see how you can achieve this specific style of ombre lips!

Start by Applying Concealer

You don’t want your lipstick to run and leave stains all over your face. So if you’re working with darker colors you might consider starting with the application of concealer. Apply the product all over your lips as well as outside your lip line.

Use Black Eyeliner to Outline your Lips

Line your entire pout and start filling in once your reach the inner corners of your lips. Opt for high quality eyeliner to ensure your lips won’t get irritated by the formula of your eyeliner.  Note that you shouldn’t skip this step as only by applying black eyeliner you’ll create the gradual effect necessary to make your lips look fuller.

Finish off with a Red Lipstick

Once you’ve done all the above mentioned follow adding the desired red hue. Use a lip brush to blend well and make it look more natural. Blend toward the black liner to achieve the desired effects. Add a finish touch with a clear gloss to get a shimmery effect.

Now that you know the main steps that you need to follow to rock the new trend we expect you to appear rocking ombre lips! So why wait?