Olivia Palermo Is The 2015 Creative Director of Ciate

Hello beauties! We are super excited to announce that from now on stunning Olivia Palermo is the official creative director of Ciate in 2015! Well, considering the fact that most of us were hoping to see our beloved celeb on that field, we can say that finally we heard the so-expected good news!

Olivia Palermo Is The 2015 Creative Director of Ciate

Thus the very famous label will launch the first seasonal campaign in May. According to our reliable sources the latter will be a limited edition line of nail polishes for summer 2015. All colors included in the new Ciate series of nail polishes for this summer 2015 will be especially chosen by Olivia Palermo. As representatives claim there won’t be any color restrictions as one of the main goals of the new line is to offer at least an alternative for each skin color. As for the formulas of the nail polishes included in the new line all we can say is that Ciate team this time decided to bet on the strength and the shine of the nails. So the new formulas are expected to be rich with nourishing and strengthening ingredients as well as with other elements for the extra shine.

“I’m so thrilled to be working with Ciaté London as creative director for 2015, bringing to life my ideas for colour cosmetics for the first time. I’m an admirer of their innovation, I’ve enjoyed the creative process and I’m looking forward to the launch of the products coming to life.” This is how the famous celeb expresses her feelings about the new collaboration on her personal blog.

Later on the brand will come up with a new line, which will differ from the previous one, as it will be more about makeup. Thus it is expected that Ciate’s next line will consist of lipsticks, smoky eye palettes and contouring compacts.

Well after all what we can say is that we can’t wait to see the results of this new collaboration!