How to Get Rid of Oily Eyelids for a Long-Lasting Eye Makeup

In case you struggle from oily eyelids, you should be aware that you won’t achieve a perfect eye makeup without creasing. Unfortunately, there are numerous women facing this unpleasant problem, which impedes them create a striking makeup look. It’s worth mentioning that eyelids are composed of countless small oil glands, which are constantly produced no matter whether you desire it or not. Talking to the experts, we have found out how to get rid of oily eyelids for a long-lasting eye makeup. These essential recommendations will help you stay away from smudges as well as shadow creasing.

How to Get Rid of Oily Eyelids for a Long-Lasting Eye Makeup

1. Make Your Skin Completely Clean

Before applying any product on your skin and makeup on your eyes, you should make the previous-day makeup disappear from your face. Your eyes should be completely clean and there should be no oil, as it will boost up oiliness. Thus, you should create a clean base without any product.

2. Take Care of Your Skin with Right Products

After purifying your skin, think about the right way of taking care of your skin. Before applying the moisturizing products or reaching for eye creams, you should pay attention to the ingredients. In case you deal with a problem of eye makeup creasing, find the reason in your moisturizing product, as it isn’t completely soaked by your skin.
To get rid of oily eyelids and make your makeup last long, you should choose oil-free ingredients, otherwise you won’t achieve your goal. When pulling off your makeup, you had better go for gels and other products, which are free of oil. You may apply your oil products before going to bed.

3. Skip Coating Your Eyelids with Creams

If you don’t want to make your eyelids greasy, you had better skip coating them with creams. They are high in emollient features, which will lead to makeup breaking.

4. Reach for Blotting Papers

To get rid of your oily eyelids, you are recommended relying on blotting papers. Put them on your lids, go for patting and then apply your stunning makeup.

5. Opt for Primer

In case you want to provide your makeup with a long life, you should reach for the beneficial qualities of the primer. They are responsible for creating a wonderful foundation for your makeup. Opt for one packed with vitamins as well as antioxidants.

6. Seek for Products with a Long Life

Makeup artists recommend sticking to products, which are packed with ingredients, having a long life. Otherwise, you will deal with makeup creasing. You had better opt for cream-based products for a perfect finish.

7. Apply Waterproof Products

You will definitely fail to get rid of the waterproof products in case you don’t reach for a perfect makeup remover. Sticking to products with waterproof features means that you won’t notice mascara on the cheeks.

8. Apply Powder to Set Your Makeup

To make the product shade more intense and enhance durability, you are suggested applying powder on all types of eyeliner. Make sure you opt for the same color both for the powder and the makeup product. To create a long-lasting makeup on your oily eyelids, you had better reach for a sheer powder and apply it with the help of a brush.
Never ignore these crucial tips about oily eyelids and do your best to get rid of them to be able to achieve a long-lasting makeup.