Nordstrom Announces Fashion Contest On Snapchat

American upscale fashion retailer Nordstrom wants you to join itsEpic Shoe Party along with iconic super model Karlie Kloss, and to enjoy some shoe shopping as well! Nordstrom has, in fact, just announced a Snapchat challenge via its Instagram account, wherein Karlie Kloss poses ‘covered’ with shoes revealing the big news: “Check out the #Nordstrom Snap story today and choose your fav school. Winner gets an epic shoe party ?? (?: ‘Nordstrom’).”

Nordstrom Announces Fashion Contest On Snapchat

As for the rules, the contest is pretty simple. First things first, if you don’t follow Nordstrom on Snapchat already, it’s time to add it on your newsfeed! Once you are done following it and checking what’s new on its Snapchat account, you’ll just have to vote for your favorite school by taking a screenshot when your selected campus’ picture pops up on Nordstrom’s Snapchat feed. In the end, the University campus with the most votes will let up to 2,000 of its seniors receive a $100 vouchereach to use forshoe shopping(the voucher expires on May 31st, 2016), but also the brilliant opportunity to party with Karlie Kloss.

According to Nordtrom’s official Snapchat Shoe Challenge, to be a senior eligible to receive the goodies you need to:“1) be an undergraduate student enrolled in the selected school; (2) have senior standing in accordance with any applicable credits, semesters, units requirements of your school; and (3) be present in person at the place and time designated by Nordstrom where the Vouchers will be distributed. You will also need to bring your official student ID to verify your identity and enrollment at the selected school.”

Also, do not forget to “vote for a school that is presented in Nordstrom’s Snapchat feed for 24 hours starting on or about 10am Pacific time on March 28, 2016 (the “Voting Period”). As Nordstrom will select the school that gets the most votes at the end of the Voting Period to receive a party hosted by Nordstrom, and up to 2,000 seniors at the selected school will also receive a $100 promotional voucher to use for the purchase of shoes or other products in Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack stores and online at,, and (the “Promotion”).”

Nordstrom willofficially announce the selected school after the end of the Voting Period on its website,along with its main social media. As for the schools enrolled in the competition, you’ll find:the University of South Carolina, the University of Oregon, the University of Arizona, the University of California Los Angeles and the Florida State University.Good luck, everyone!