New Speed Setter Top Coat from Essie!

The waiting game is long with DIY manicures to avoid the dreaded dents and dings in your polish. Essie released a new fast drying top coat, so you can wait no more! “Zero to dry in less than a minute? all you need is my new speed.setter,” says Essie.

Essie Speed Setter is an ultra fast drying top coat with a high shine finish that dries in under a minute. When you’re in a hurry, apply one coat of Speed Setter as the final step of your manicure so you won’t be tardy to the party.

For best results, always start with clean, dry nails. Then apply 1 layer of a base coat, 2 coats of your favorite nail color, and finish with this Speed Setter. You’ll be out the door in no time. Speed Setter ultra fast dry top coat is available now at Essie.

Photo credit: Facebook/Essie