New ‘Bangin’ Brilliant Lipstick’ from MAC Cosmetics

“BANGIN’ BRILLIANT! A kaleidoscope of new Lipstick shades, here to stay, in various textures. An audacious pop of colour that goes off with a BANG!” says MAC Cosmetics. The 29 new shades will be permanent colours in the famous Lipstick formula.

The 29 “Bangin’ Brilliant Lipsticks” are:

Frosting: white {matte}
Lazy Lullaby: light pink {matte}
Love & Cherished: lilac pink {cremesheen}
Dreampot: {matte} bright blue
Dew: {satin} periwinkle
Lavender Jade: {matte} bright lavender
Gold XIXI: {lustre} yellow gold
Highlights: {lustre} gold
Nifty Neon: {amplified} bright orange
Breathing Fire: {matte} bright pink
4Eva: {matte purple
Really Me: {matte} mauve
Deep Rooted: {matte} taupe
Mangrove: {matte} bright red-orange
Red Rock: {matte bright red
Punk Couture: {matte} deep purple
Lightly Charred: {matte} grey, lavender
In My Fashion: {matte} chocolate
In the Spirit: {matte} black
Time to Shine: {frost} white
Pick Me, Pick Me: {frost} light pink
Soft Hint: {frost} mint
Spoiled Fabulous: {frost} gold
Pink, You Think?: {frost} pink
Wild Extract: {frost} lime green
No Interruptions: {frost} green
Designer Blue: {frost} royal blue
Model Behavior: {frost} bright purple
On and One: {frost} dark metallic

Check out the whole collection or purchase any of the new “Bangin’ Brilliant” lipsticks at MAC Cosmetics.

Photo courtesy: MAC Cosmetics