Why You Need To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

Cleaning your makeup brushes is an important task that you always have to do. In fact, there are many reasons that make this cleaning activity especially important. Thus, to make it clear for you, we decided to mention the main reasons why you need to clean your makeup brushes, so you’ll realize the importance of keeping your makeup tools clean. So, check them out!

Why You Need To Clean Your Makeup Brushes

They Can Cause Acnes

We are sure that once you find out that not keeping clean your makeup brushes can lead to acne problems you’ll start cleaning them at least once a week. Now, if you wonder how could this happen, here is an explanation. Keeping the bacteria on your makeup brushes creates a chance of transferring it on your skin the next time and causing break outs.

They Can Irritate your Skin

Leaving makeup on the brushes after the whole application will actually change the texture of the brushes and make them brittle which means that next time that you’re going to use them you’ll risk to irritate your skin and harm its health and look.

They Can Cause Herpes and Pinkeye

Washing makeup brushes assumes washing lip and eye brushes as well. Thus, in order to avoid ending up having herpes or pinkeye, make sure you clean your lip/eye brushes with alcohol and avoid sharing your lipstick or mascara with anyone.

Dirty Brushes Change the Color

Using dirty makeup brushes can also lead to applying a color mixture made by the eyeshadow you’ve used recently and the one that you applied the last time you were working on your makeup look. So, in order to keep away yourself from this kind of ”surprises” make sure you wash your makeup brushes frequently.

Dirty Makeup Brushes Can’t be maintained for Too Long

The reason why this happens is because the dirt left on the makeup tools can affect the quality of the latter and destroy your makeup brushes. So, by cleaning them every once in a while not only you’ll save your skin from any kind of damage but your makeup tools as well!

Last but not least, besides of not washing makeup brushes, there is another common mistake that most of us tend to make and leads to terrifying results. That is applying makeup on using our hands. Why it is not recommended? Well, simply because this way not only you will transfer the bacteria and the dirt from your hands to your facial skin but also you will help to easily spread cold germs and flu!

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