My Little Pony by China Glaze Collaboration Is Magic!

A magical collaboration between My Little Pony and China Glaze has taken place in order to release a collector’s edition of nail lacquers. The colours are magic, inspired by the unique personality of iconic My Little Pony™, the collection includes 13 new whimsical and fashion forward shades.

“A whimsical, fashion-forward palette inspired by the charming personalities of the iconic ponies intertwined with the spirit of the exceptionally unique CG shade selection,” China Glaze The My Little Pony x China Glaze Collaboration, “Ranging from fun-loving brights to celestial glitters, this collection is sure to resonate with beauty connoisseurs and pop culture enthusiasts alike.”

The 13 new shades in the My Little Pony Collection are:

  • I Sea Ponies: “A few strokes of this dazzling holographic chrome and your ready for the big city.”
  • Hay Girl Hay!: “This celestial holographic glitter is no one-trick pony.”
  • Kill ‘Em With Kindness: “If kindness was a color it would be this whimsical soft yellow.”
  • Cutie Mark™ The Spot: “You’ll be one fly girl is the serene pistachio mint green.”
  • One Polished Pony: “You’ll be the mane attraction is this dashing turquoise.”
  • Too Busy Being Awesome: “A high-flying adventure awaits in this charming cerulean blue.”
  • Let Your Twilight Sparkle™: “This enchanting purple holographic glitter sparkles like no other.”
  • I Just Canterlot: “This glamorous violet glitter is too fab to handle!”
  • Where’s The Party Canon At?: Talk about a stunning color with this sparkling fuchsia glitter
  • Applejack™ Of My Eye: “Ripe and deliciously sweet to the core, this juicy red orange is the crème of the crop.”
  • She’s A Mane-Iac: “This satiny hot pink is prancing like she’s never pranced before.”
  • Sweet As Pinkie Pie™: “There’s always fun to be had in this bubbly pastel pink.”
  • Songbird Serenade Kit: A two-color kit -Songbird Serenade, Electrifying Black Shimmer and Best Ponies Forever, Soft Gold Chrome

Hold your horses…the collection is available to purchase just yet. China Glaze announced the My Little Pony Collection will be launching in July 2017!

Photos: Facebook/China Glaze