Must-Know Makeup Tips for Redheads

Though having red tresses may be appealing, you should know that they require special care and use of special products to increase their stunning flair. You should give much attention to your red locks and choose a gorgeous makeup for a fabulous look. If you are born with red hair or you have got this shade due to the red dye, you should consider these must-know makeup tips for redheads.

Makeup Tips for Redheads

1. Consider the Type of the Redhead

Red hair is something very different. It is categorized into three types. You may wear red or orange as well as violet hair tones. The most popular is the orange shade. In case of naturally red tresses, you will definitely have the orange shade. However, you may get another redhead type just by applying dye.
Taking into account this detail, when applying your makeup, is very essential if you seek for a faultless look. Finding the right hair tone, you will be able to get the right shades, which will flatter your perfectly.

2. Choosing Mascara for Red Tresses

It’s one of the disputable questions whether red-haired women should reach for black mascara or experiment with the brown one. The choice depends on your personal style and the impression you would like to get. When seeking for a dramatic vibe, you had better try the black mascara. In case of a natural touch, the brown mascara is the best option. You may also opt for other shades, as well.
If you want to make your makeup go ideally with your red hair, you may embellish your lashes with a hint of red hue. This trick is magical for blue and green-toned eyes, as well.

3. Choosing the Right Lipstick Shade for Redheads

You should definitely avoid following one of the fashion rules, which requires staying away from a red-toned lipstick in case you are a redhead. There are various tones of red lipstick, which means you may make your right choice and make it suit your red tresses. In case you have red locks with an orange undertone, you had better skip applying orange-toned lipstick. Women, having blood hair tone, should avoid fierce red lipsticks. Violet-toned redheads had better ignore plum-toned lipsticks.

4. Choosing the Right Shadow for Redheads

The variety of shadows is numerous. Compared with mascara, eye shadow should be chosen with much attention, taking into account the color of your eyes. Consider the color wheel before making your choice. Green-eyed women should go for violet and brown shadows. Gold shadows are also fabulous in case of green eyes. Blue-eyed women should opt for metallic shades with orange undertones.
Thus, redhead women may experiment with all colors of shadow. The secret lies in the right application. You may go subtle even with dark black shadow, if you only swipe it in the soft way.

5. Right Brows for Red-Tressed Women

No matter what hair color you have, you should make your brows darker compared with the shade of your hair.
Choosing the proper brow pencil as well as powder is one of the must-know makeup tips for redheads. In case your hair is in an orange color, you had better apply strawberry blonde tone. If your hair is in a red and purple shade, you are advised to stay away from brow fillers and opt for the right eyebrow color.
Take all the advantages of your red hair and make them stand out even more by creating a stunning makeup for redheads.