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Mulberry Has A New Creative Director

Is your blogging taking a hit because you aren’t following these 11 Essay On News? Learn about them here. is a leading Law School Admission Essay Service Tucker Max and english proofreading service providing best english proofreading services to students and to Ok the big new was announced on July 8th when the new creative director of Mulberry, Johnny Coca finally arrived. In fact the chairman of the company, Godfrey Davis stated that the company has optimistic views regarding the future of their business. According to him, with the arrival of the new creative director a lot of things have changed. We would like to highlight the fact that the new designer of the brand appears to be the wonder boy of Celine, Johnny Coca. It should be noted that Johnny Coca was the head accessories designer while he was working in Celine and he was mainly responsible for bags and all kinds of accessories included in the fashion lines of the mentioned brand. So his new status in the fashion industry was a big step forward for him according to fans and famous faces.

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According to Godfrey Davis the arrival of the new creative director made them change the old strategy of the company in order to cover the losses that the company had since the departure of Hill. Thus according to facts Mulberry this time has decided to change its strategy trying to do something experimental by focusing mainly on affordable ensembles the prices of which fall in the category of under ÂŁ1,000. Something that we’re to excited to announce.

Well, also it seems that the team is very happy about their new member. In fact Godfrey Davis admits that the arrival of a new crew member will help them to update their projects adding a fresh vibe to their works: “He has a wealth of international luxury and fashion experience that will help us bring new energy and innovation to Mulberry. It’s a very broad spectrum of knowledge and includes ready-to-wear, although that’s not what he’s previously specialized in. However, we have a strong team of 10-15 designers here who have done a good job with Mulberry’s existing ready-to-wear.”

Coca seems also to be very excited about his new mission as he takes it as a challenge that will let him prove himself and everyone else that he has a bigger potential. In fact he’s looking forward to have his contribution in the international growth and the development of Mulberry. “I very much look forward to joining Mulberry as their new creative director and to leading a new design direction at one of the very best British brands,” he adds.

Well, now he’ll probably have to spend more time in London than in Paris (where he actually lives) but the great news is that the designer will get the chance to explore the fashion demands of British women.