Modern Classic Sunscreens from Bain de Soleil®

Bain de Soleil®, the classic yet modern brand has the best sunscreen products that pamper your skin and provide fabulous, radiant color. The brand arrived in the US from Europe in the 1940s introduced as Antoine’s Bain de Soleil. The original orange gelèe silky dark tanning formula was developed in 1925 because of the bronzed-skin fashion trend, from trend-setting Coco Chanel.

The Products:

Orange Gelèe® Sunscreen SPF 4 is the classic formula that indulges the skin with its emollient application and signature elegant fragrance.

Mega Tan® SPF 4 is sunscreen lotion with self tanner that provides gorgeous glowing color from a single afternoon. The sunscreen includes moisturizers and botanical extracts for soft and smooth skin. With or without the sun bathing, this lotion works great as a gradual self tanner.

Check out these classic sunscreen products at Bain de Soleil® and get your glow on this summer!

Images: Bain de Soleil