Mascara Mistakes That Can Be Dangerous for Your Eyes

Makeup plays an essential role for a woman’s look. No matter how perfectly you’ve combined your clothes if your makeup look isn’t corresponding to your style then something’s wrong. That is why it is very important to have knowledge on the topic. Among the most common makeup mistakes appear to be mascara mistakes. In fact some of us make mascara mistakes without even realizing it. Well did you know that certain mascara mistakes are very dangerous for your eyes? To find out which exactly you need to be aware of you just need to check out the information presented below!

Mascara Mistakes That Can Be Dangerous for Your Eyes

Use of Expired Products

Girls, please keep in mind that any kind of eye makeup needs to be thrown away after three months. Especially when it comes to mascara you need to be extremely careful as there’s nothing worse than using expired mascara.

Using it After Side Effects

If your skin is somehow reacting to the new formula then maybe you should stop using it. Also if you get sick and develop an eye infection please throw away your makeup products. We know it sounds a mission impossible but trust us it’s the best you can do in such cases.

Sharing your Makeup Products

This is probably the only case when sharing is definitely not caring. By sharing your makeup you’re putting yourself and your friends in a risk of getting an eye infection or any other kind of allergic reaction.

One Product at A Time

Try to use one new product at a time in order to figure out whether you’re allergic to it or not. If you try out a few makeup products at once you won’t get the chance to see which formula you’re actually allergic to.

Not Keeping your Hands Clean

Not only your makeup tools need to be perfectly clean but your hands and your face. As you know bacteria from your hands can easily transfer to your eyes causing irritation of even infection. So it is very important to wash your hands before any contact.

Blocking Oils

The oil on the glands of your upper and lower eyelids has its functional importance. So by blocking oil glands on that area you’re doing nothing more than harming your eyes. This is something that you need to pay attention to especially when you’re applying eye liner and mascara.

Glitter Isn’t Always the Best Choice

Avoid glitter or metallic eyeshadows if you have dry eyes as the use of any of the mentioned can cause eye irritation of infection. Glittery eye makeup is one of the main causes of eye infections. So it’s definitely not the best option for dry eyes.