Mango Magazine Dedicates Its September 2012 Issue to Street Style

The Spanish fashion trend is taking a turn on the street style fashionistas, so let’s have a look at the September 2012 issue of Mango Magazine. Basically it’s the combination of the style of bloggers, It girls and fashion editors from all over the world dedicated to street style. Be spontaneous, free-spirited and daring. The main idea that Mango proposes is to wear more floral-printed trousers with knitted sweater, a jacket, ankle boots and in the end don’t forget the retro sunglasses.

The September issues star is the Italian blogger Chiara Ferragni from, as she points out, “Don’t be afraid to take risks. If you really like a garment, wearing it will give you confidence and this will be reflected in the way you act”. On a personal style preference she adds, “I really like changing style, I think it’s the most fun part about fashion: trying different combinations and having a good time with clothes. I love the orange dresses because they are simple yet very feminine and I like to complement them with accessories like the handbag and the Werelse for MANGO wedge shoes to add a wild touch.”
Make sure to experiment with your wardrobe, check out the Mango Magazine September Issue 2012 and you’ll come up with the perfect outfit for you.

Photos courtesy of Mango