Your Questions about Makeup Primers Answered

When thinking about must-have makeup products, primer occupies the first place. It gives longevity to your makeup and provides a gorgeous touch to your skin. However, not all women dare to try this product, as there are numerous questions bothering them.To help you fight against your fear, we will provide you with the answers to all your questions about makeup primers.

Your Questions about Makeup Primers Answered

The Main Functions of Primers

Primers are multi functional and besides providing you with a long-lasting makeupand giving you a faultless makeup, they are aimed to conceal fine lines, make pores less visible and diminish skin oiliness. New primers may be high in SPF, which is the key to a glowy and healthy-looking skin.




Primer Types

There are numerous primer types available. Besides shadow as well as foundation primers, there also exist lip and brow ones. You should also consider primers for mascara and décolletage as well as nails. We should distinguish between primers based on silicon or water. When dealing with pores or acne scars, you had better stick to silicone-based products and keep the water-based one to make your makeup last long.

The Reasons of Having a Great Variety of Primers

Here is one of the essential questionsabout makeup primers worth answering. There are a great variety of primers because you have different expectations of your makeup, desiring to get a faultless look.

The Good and Bad Sides of Primers

In case you have an oily skin and you don’t have enough time to apply proper makeup or you reach for foundation together with concealer, you may opt for primer and get a radical change in your look. In case you desire to make your lashes look fuller, then you may apply mascara primer.

When applying waterproof type of brow product, there is no necessity of using brow primer. Instead of trying body primers, you may stick to moisturizing products.

The Right Application of Primers

Here is one of the widely-spread questions about primers. You should use primer before reaching for other makeup products. First, rinse your skin, provide it with moisture and then stick to the primer.

Primers for Lids

Lid primer prevents your shadow from creasing and aids your liner stay in place longer. Primer also helps your makeup shades stand out. The advantage of the primer is that it exists in various tones and may suit any complexion.

Primers for Skin

In case your skin is oily, primer may greatly help your makeup stay on your skin. Ths, primer acts as a real control for your oily skin.

Primer for Lips

Primer has a protecting feature for your lips and combats feathering, giving you an opportunity to skip applying lip liner. Primer will help you enjoy your glossy lipstick during the whole day even after drinking a cup of wine.

Primer for Eyelashes

Primer is able to give your lashes extra length, making them look thicker as well. This product is a friend of your mascara, as it will stay on your lashes until you decide to remove it.

Thus, we hope you are satisfied with the answers of your questions about makeup primers and will bravely use this product when rocking your makeup.