Long-Wearing Makeup Tips to Keep In Mind

You will definitely get disappointed finding out that your morning mascara has smudged, the perfect lipstick has lost its shade and the foundation has liquefied. If you are among the women, facing this problem, your pretty day may be considered spoiled. Being too busy, you don’t find enough time to go for touch ups. It would like to keep your faultless makeup during the whole day and not to worry about the expected touch-ups. To help you, we have collected the most essential long-wearing makeup tips.

Long-Wearing Makeup Tips to Keep In Mind

1.  Consider the Importance of Skin Preparation

If you desire to achieve a long-lasting makeup, you should consider the great role of skin preparation. First, find out what type of skin you have and then give a special attitude to it. In case you have a dry skin, go for moisture-enhancing products. To fight against the shine of your skin, you may try a mattifying primer, as it will get rid of oil. You may also wear special products, which combat perspiration and help your makeup stay long.    

2.  Wear Foundation with Waxy Formula

If you plan to wear your makeup during the whole day without any touch-ups, you should try something that won’t be spoiled by water or sweat. Choose products with long-lasting substances. Opt for ones which are waterproof or based on silicone. However, the best option is to stick to is wearing foundation with waxy formula.  

3.  Apply Powder to Make Your Makeup Stay in Place

 Keep in mind another long-wearing makeup tip and reach for a powder. This makeup trick is recommended not only for an oily but for a dry type of skin, as well. Reach for powder mostly in case you have plans to be outside and under the sun rays. You are advised to opt for a powder, which has no color, and apply it only on the affected areas.

4.  Go for Layering of Products

To be able to wear your makeup for a long time, keep in mind the importance of layering. The same refers to your foundation as well as powder. You should first reach for the blush or bronzer with a creamy formula and then go for powder. Due to the creamy substance, the products will stay long on your skin but the power will be increased after layering them with powder.  

5.  Be Careful When Opting for Brow Products

If you crave for perfect brows, you should opt for any of the makeup tips, such as applying powder after topping the brows with primer to be able to fight against smudging. In case you are prone to using brow pencils, experiment with one, having a wax substance. Products with a wax formula may be your key to a long-wearing makeup.  

6.  Apply Primer on Your Eyes

Never ignore this essential makeup tip, if you long for an eye makeup, which doesn’t crease. Coat your lid with primer and the shadow will stay long.    

7.  Reach for Cream-Based Eye Shadows

To provide a smooth application and a perfect blending, you should reach for a cream-based shadow. You may spread it, using your fingers and saving your time. Look for waterproof shadows or ones which are high in formula, combating smudging.  

8.  Apply Primer or Waterproof Eyeliner

One of the great issues you may face is eyeliner smudging. Ti fix this problem, you should reach for waterproof eyeliner or pencils with creamy formula. You may also opt for another long-wearing makeup tip and apply primer along the waterline with the help of a Q-tip. To make your gel liner stay long, apply powder in the top lash line.

9.  Apply Waterproof Mascara

The great impact of the waterproof mascara is indisputable. The product won’t be exposed to flaking or getting smudged. It’s also a great idea for curled lashes. Make your choice among the great variety of mascara formulas.

10.  Go for Blotting and Powder Application

When speaking about a lipstick, you should keep in your mind the essence of layering. First, line the lips with a lip liner and then go for filling in. This makeup tip won’t let your lipstick bleed. After achieving a perfect base, swipe your lipstick and go for blotting. Then layer it with a sheer powder with the help of a tissue, as it will soak the moisture and make your lipstick stay longer.

11.  Apply Setting Spray for a Complete Touch

The setting spray is the best option to bring your makeup to perfection and provide longevity. It gets rid of the extra powder and gives your skin a fresh touch.

Thus, stick to right techniques and products when applying your makeup. Keep in mind these crucial tips and you will be able to enjoy your long-wearing makeup from morning till night.