Lipstick Types and How to Wear Them

Lipstick is a crucial part in wearing makeup, so you try to apply it as beautifully as possible. Each type of lipstick/lip gloss requires a different technique. The list below will help you get the perfect lips you’ve always wanted.

Sheer Lipstick
The main function of a sheer lipstick is that it adds a tinge to the natural lip color due to oil contained in the ingredient and having a low-pigmented formula. Sheer lipstick is perfect for dry lips; it enhances the natural color of the lips, keeps them moisturized, makes them shinier, so it’s always safe to have a at least one sheer lipstick in your makeup kit.

Satin Lipstick
Due to a hydrating formula the satin lipstick is similar to the sheer lipstick. The main difference is that the satin one adds more colors to your lips.
Cream Lipstick
In order to get coverage for your lips, the cream lipstick is the right way to go; the formula is not shiny (so you might need to apply a lip gloss on top of it, if you want to have shiny lips), however it’s perfect for protecting your lips form the sun. If you like wearing lip liners, you should definitely use them with cream colored lipsticks- they work together just fine.

Matte Lipstick
Well, we’ve finally reached my favorite type of lipstick- matte lipstick doesn’t shine, is completely gloss-free. It’s perfect for plump and smooth lips. One of the tricks to have a matte lipstick work perfectly for your lips- is to moisturize prior to applying. One of the things that matte lipstick points out- which I love- is that it shows off the wrinkles. With the right color for your skin tone you can make it look very beautiful and sexy.
Shine Lipstick
This one’s really a matter of choice if you like shiny, sparkly, crystal-looklike lips, than this one is definitely for you. Prior to applying make sure to exfoliate the lips with lip scrub, apply a little bit of lip balm, when finished you can go ahead with making your lips look more plump and luscious with shine lipstick.

Frosty Lipstick
If you feel like giving a retro look to your lips then the frosty lipstick, also known as pearlescent lipstick, is the one you’re looking for. One thing you need to be extra-attentive about is what color to choose to go with your skin tone, remember, it’s very crucial, as a frosty lipstick is difficult to apply. It makes you stand out in the crowd; it gives a sparkly look to your lips, so it’s definitely worth the hassle.
Lip Gloss/Tint/Stain
A lip gloss more enhances and gives a bigger look to thin and small lips: it makes them shiny, sparkly and it can be worn alone or with a lipstick.

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