Kenzo Resort 2013 Accessories

Let’s dive into the future and this time with the Kenzo Resort accessories for 2013. Allow me to jump in and just say that these accessories are amazing!!! So, with stylish garments, gorgeous prints and mind blowing color combinations you can make sure your pre-spring wardrobe to be fashionable, amazing and gorgeous.

This accessory collection features shoes, pouches and sunglasses.
With shoes you get sandals, chunky heels, flats and ballet flats with perfect coloring and designs to go with almost anything.
With pouches there’s a gorgeous selection suitable for any style- whether you like animal prints or bright colors- tiger/leopard prints on yellow, coral-red and green.
Just when you think it’s over, Kenzo offers you cool two-tone sunglasses. I can agree that the prices have a bit of a kick, but browse through the collection carefully before making your mind up. The gorgeous round styles with the color fusions will look hot on you on a hot, sunny day.

Photos courtesy of Kenzo