Important Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Though it’s rather difficult to deal with oily skin, it’s not impossible. Following these important makeup tips for oily skin, you will be able to embrace a faultless makeup during the whole day.

Find Out Whether Your Skin is Oily or Not

First of all, you should discover the type of your skin and consider that it may change with your age. To find it out, you should carry out a test. Just have at your hand rice paper or reach for tissues to carry out testing. Thus, you should wash your face, dry it with patting and in 20 minutes place rice paper on various parts of the skin. In case the paper doesn’t adhere on the skin, it is proved to be dry. In case the paper becomes oily, it means your face is too oily.

Important Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

The Main Causes of Getting Oily Skin

Though there are numerous reasons of getting an oily skin, genetics is the dominating. If you come across this problem, don’t try to replace your cleanser with another one, as it’s not the best solution. Reach for blotting papers instead of trying a great amount of products.

Another great reason of an oily skin is applying too many products. Too much exfoliation or over washing your face may influence on the production of oil. Instead, do everything in limits and just refresh your face.

The application of wrong products may also lead to oily skin. In case your skin is normal, but you opt for products which are right for those who have an oily skin, you will end up with too much oil production.

Opt for right products; be gentle when washing your skin and skip applying rotating types of brushes in order not to cause harm to your skin.

Hormones, stress and weather conditions, as well as the sun rays are among the reasons of getting an oily skin.

Thus, to fight against your oily skin, you should consider the most important makeup tips.

Apply Mattifying Lotion

In case of oily skin, mattifying lotion becomes the best friend. Reach for this type of lotion when starting your morning routine, as it will soak the excess oil and provide you with a matte finish. In case you suffer from breakouts, you had better opt for a mattifying primer, designed against acne. This product will conceal the pores and other imperfections, giving your makeup a long life.

The Right Application of Water

You are mistaken if you consider that sprays with mineral water are your key to get hydration. Pay attention to the directions and you will learn that it should be applied on water and then a tissue should be applied to take it off your face.

When applying water on your face, wait until it becomes dry, as this trick will fight against the oil production. Having powder in your purse is another great solution to combat oily skin.

As oily skin may lead to unpleasant pores, reach for a wet makeup sponge and apply it on your face with gentle movements and then use your makeup.

Apply Powder after Blotting

Applying powder after blotting is among the most important makeup tips for oily skin. Skipping powder is one of the great mistakes you will ever make. Applying powder before blotting the face will make your skin look oily. To be able to control oil, you had better reach for blotting powders as soon as there appears glow on your skin. Be attentive not to overuse powder, as it should be applied for a matte finish.

Fight Eyelid Oil

It often happens that a problem of having oily eyelids exists even without depending on the type of skin. To make your shadow stay on your lids for a long time, you had better rely on primer. Never reach for concealer, as it won’t soak the oil. Though primer is a bit expensive, the result will be satisfying.

Pay Attention to the Labels

When having problems with your skin, you should never apply any type of product. Don’t pay attention to the price and only stick to the labels to find out the right ingredient. In case of an oily skin, look for products which are free of oil or opt for ones which are noncomedogenic. When choosing cleansing products or toners, stick to ones high in glycolic or salicylic acids.

Moisturize Your Oily Skin

Moisturizing is an essential makeup tip for oily skin. A little moisturizer is fabulous to combat oil. Anti-aging creams with thick formula are also recommended, as your eye area isn’t too oily, which gives you a chance to reach for eye creams and combat wrinkles before going to sleep.

To get rid of dry spots, you are recommended applying mattifying lotion. Serum is also a great solution against dry patches. It will provide coverage, as well.

Fight Oily Skin with Masks

Facial masks are ideal to get rid of oily skin. Opt for masks, which are high in kaolin or contain bentonite clay. After applying the mask on your skin, wait for 10-15 minutes and use water to rinse it off.

Get Blotting Papers

If you don’t have blotting papers at hand, never stick to powder, as you may easily find these amazing papers. You may get them from the toilet or you may reach for a coffee filter or ask a smoker to give you rolling papers.

Go for these efficient tips and make your makeup sit on your oily skin for a long time. The important makeup tips for oily skin will be your guideline to an ideal makeup.