How to Wear a High Low Skirt

Do you know how to wear high low skirts? Is it a little difficult for you to choose the right top?
Let’s help you by posting several types of tops which will be perfect with a high low skirt.

Usually, while wearing the flowery high low skirts, we give preference to match them with fitted tops, as it provides you a smooth-tongued body shape.
But let’s do a little experiment. Take a loose shirt and put it under your skirt. In this outfit you will feel cozy and stylish. You can even pair your skirt with a chic belt.

1. Girly as girly can get

Let’s create another stylish outfit. As the high low skirts are greatly made from delicate materials, you can choose tops in light colors.
If it’s cold outside, but you strongly wish to wear a high low skirt, don’t get disappointed, you can freely pair it with white tights and a vest or a jacket. Besides, you can wear a cumbersome scarf. No doubt, your look will be perfect.

How to Wear a High Low Skirt

2. A risky combination

You can try to pair a high low skirt with a delicate polka-dotted blouse. You had better choose the same colors for both parts. What refers to the shoes, here you are provided with a free chose. Wear any types of shoes you like. You will surely have a chic and pretty look in this outfit.

3. Play with fabric texture

Would you like to experiment your high low skirt with a nice sweater? Consider that you can’t put it under your skirt. It will be perfect over your high low skirt. Here you can wear also black tights and warm boots.

So, be brave and experiment with this style.

How to Wear a High Low Skirt