How to Style Hair Bows

Without any doubt, bows may aid any look get to perfection. When imagining bows on your tresses, you immediatelyreach for ones, which are already made with a fabulous material and in various shades, thus skipping bows created with your locks. However, styling hair bows is not a complicated process and after several practices, you will be able to create various stunning hairstyles, which may be appropriate for different events. Thus, if you have enough time and patience, learn how to style hair bows.

How to Style Hair Bows

Go for Hair Preparation

Before styling exquisite hair bows, you should opt for hair preparation. Skip styling it with newly washed tresses to avoid flyaways as well as static. Make sure your tresses are ina perfect state and have no split ends; otherwise they may be visible when coming out of the bow.
The hair bow may be rocked both with long and short tresses, as well as straight and curly locks. It also doesn’t dependence on the texture of your hair.




Get the Right Tools

Before creating a hair bow, you should bring everything near and ask someone help you if it’s the first time of styling bows. The great side of this bow is that you shouldn’t reach for numerous tools. You should just have hair pins and elastic as well as spray. Don’t forget about the mirror.

Steps of Styling a Hair Bow

How to Style Hair Bows

To get this amazing hairstyle, you should make a high pony with all your tresses. Depending on the impression, you may make it wither sleek or messy. In case you are for a hippy vibe, bring your tresses up with the help of the fingers and let a hair piece out near the face. In case you look for a wedding-appropriate hair bow, reach for a smooth-enhancingbrush and tame your hairstyle with spray.

Make sure you choose the right place for your pony, as the brow will be replaced just there. Use a hair band to tie your tresses and create a cute loop, letting some hair out, creating an image of a loose bun hairstyle. Take the bun and divide it into two parts, getting two loops. In this way, you will start creating the bow. Now you should work on the shape of the bow and get the center knot, rolling the left-out-hair around the middle of the loops and adjust with numerous grips and finishing the look with spray.

This fabulous look is great for any event and the most essential thing is to secure it properly by applying spray and several grips.
Thus, bow styling is not a difficult task, as it may seem. You had better go for transformation and learn to make a cute hair bow at home, getting a bewitching and dramatic vibe.